How to Write the Perfect AI Social Media Writing Prompt - Canva Magic Write

canva social marketing Jan 26, 2023

The marketing game sure has changed with AI becoming widely used and celebrated!

Just like any tool, it only works if you use it!

Writing the perfect AI social media writing prompt is the most important task and I don't know about you but my mind is blown!! 

I use Canva's AI tools at the moment and am currently over the moon with Magic Write! I'm sure you're already using Canva, if not get on it ASAP! And GET THE PRO ACCOUNT! The value is insane! p.s here's where you can find endless Canva tutorials!

Here are a few tips and tricks to best prompt AI to support your creation process!

1. Think about the purpose of your content. Are you trying to inform, entertain, or inspire them to take acti? This will help you determine the structure, tone, and message of your writing.

2. Consider who you are writing for. What kind of language should you use? Should you use humor or should you be more professional?

3. Decide what type of format you will use for the writing prompt. Will it be a...

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