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Business Mentor & Wellness advocate

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Who Would You Become If You Trusted Your Instincts?

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a career that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and tapped out.

Let’s face it – it’s not easy taking the road less traveled by when it comes to health,working from home, and building a full career.


Christa is in the top .1% income earners in the world, making her a sought-after leader among the industry’s business and direct selling leaders.

Her Podcast, Ambitious Mama, is a 5 star podcast that focuses on helping moms who are ready to create, fullfil, and feel fully alive with purpose.

She is one of the leading network marketing trainers to female-preneurs worldwide, helping them build thriving businesses through education and personal development

Christa's online Rituals to Wellness helps individuals shift their mindset, health, state of overall wellness,and energy so they can have fulfill their true purpose.

Christa’s online 14 week mentorship program is the fast track version of building a true fulfilling career. It is a phenomenal way to start your own business and hit the ground running.

And finally, Christa's Business Coaching Program brings it all together with her 1:1 business mentoring and wellness overhaul to completely change the way you tap into your greater purpose.

"Christa is a bright light of greatness and love! She has the rare gift that enables her to mentor not only on what it takes to bring your being into beautiful grace, alignment and optimal health but also to mentor you to be a business rockstar! She is a master at what she does!"

Leanne Jacobs
Author Beautiful Money


Rituals to Wellness

In order to give your best you need to feel your best. Learn how to create your greatest health at every level.

Feel Your Best

Wellness Advocate

Nothing feels better then making a difference in someone's life. Learn ways that you can create lasting change and a global impact.

Earn an Income

I help ambitious women fall in love with their lives by creating thriving health and tapping into a greater sense of purpose.

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