Affiliate Income 101: My Top Affiliate Programs + What to Look for


Affiliate Marketing could be your next big money maker!

The key:
knowing your audience and bringing solutions to them.

My top Wellness Affiliate Program: The USANA Affiliate Program

USANA Health Sciences

Supplements, skincare, weight management, lifestyle products. They are a 30 year proven company that is the world leader in the highest quality health and wellness products. Truly, a difference you can feel.

The two biggest factors that make this program so incredible is their App + Permanent Customer Payouts! GET STARTED HERE




My top Tech / Tools Affiliate Programs:

⭐️ Note: I personally USE all of these to run my business.



Kajabi empowers you to create all kinds of content to showcase what you know best, including online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships, and more.

Become a Kajabi Partner and you’ll be paid a 30% lifetime commission for each new member you refer. Stack up referrals and earn serious passive income.

The most effective way of building this income is by personally using Kajabi for your business. When you start your free trial you can also access their partner program!




Canva Pro

If you are a content creator or business owner and you are not using Canva Pro, you are seriously missing out. This is where all my design and content creation happens.

They also have an incredible affiliate program that I recommend applying for once you're using the features of Canva Pro! Everyone will want to know your savvy ways, so you can share your secret and create residual income!

Canva uses Impact application technology to transmit affiliate programs to its affiliates. The program will give you an 80% commission in the first two (2) months for Canva Pro and 25% for an annual subscription.

Learn more about Canva here




Fiverr is an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect so they can buy and sell digital services. It gets its name from the starting price of services which is $5.

Fiverr Affiliate Benefits

  • Maximum Earnings - Get paid for every first-time buyer, with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution
  • Professional Support - Gain access to professional support, tutorials, and a dedicated Affiliate manager
  • Intuitive Dashboards - Easy-to-use dashboards to launch, manage and monitor campaigns
  • Creative Resources - A portfolio of high-performing creative assets to help you promote

Sign up here

⭐️ Bonus: Looking for free stay for sharing luxury hotels 🏨

Curacity offers creators the opportunity to stay for free at luxury hotels around the world in exchange for content and exposure on social media.

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