5 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing

I made the shift to leveraging Affiliate Marketing to empower others to grow their networth and I'm not looking back! It's such a savvy and scaleable stream of income that anyone can tap into!

Here are 5 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2023!

1. Low startup costs: Affiliate marketing is such a great way to start making money online with minimal costs. You don't need to invest in a website to get started. Your social media platforms and even text message can be enough to get the ball rolling!

2. Passive income: Affiliate marketing can be a great source of passive income. By choosing affiliate programs that pay ongoing, you can keep reaping rewards from the same program for the duration of the lifespan of that customer. Two of my favorites that pay ongoing are USANA (vitamins, wellness products) Canva (design for small business) and Kajabi (website development).

3. Flexibility: You can do affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world 🌎 (with wifi). You can choose your own hours and work when it's convenient for you. I love the flexibility affiliate marketing gives me.

4. Variety: With affiliate marketing, you can choose to promote products and services from virtually any niche. This allows you to diversify your income streams and reach a wider audience. Also, you can seek out products and services that best suit your audience's needs.

5. Most time Effective: Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage the expertise of others. You don't have to create the products or services yourself, all you have to do is promote them.


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