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I love the amazing energy and support that comes from working with Christa and such a collaborative team!

-Diane De Stefano



Christa always bring great ideas to the table, she leads by example and she is always available to support all of us.

-Roselby Rodriguez
Pilates Instructor and Health Coach


Christa brings her best to her team every day! Motivation & encouragement, mentorship & training, she leads as a shining example of what’s possible when a women believes in herself and sets her sights on more from life!

-Laura Wheeler

School Teacher and Wellness Coach


Christa Realba is an exceptional leader who gives of her time, energy and expertise with such generosity. She is a driven woman that leads with integrity and heart. I am grateful not only to know her but to be part of a collaborative and compassionate team and community that she has built from the ground up.

-Paula Videla Rodriguez
Latin Dance Instructor and Health Coach


Christa has the rare gift that enable her to mentor not only on what it takes to bring your being into alignment and health, but also to become a social media rockstar!

-Lee Marie Jacobs
Spiritual Mentor and Cosmic Coach


Learning from Christa has been so helpful for growing my brand online. I thought I had a good start but I have learned so many things that have taken my branding to the next level. I the past three months my Instagram alone has grown by 600+ real followers. So very grateful.

-Tiffany Matthews

Wellness & Life Coach

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