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Experience 21 days of simple yet powerful prompts to guide you in practicing mental self-care.

Beautiful Mind

21 Days Mental Self- Care for Your Mental Health and Your Happiness.

Women who are loving this program! 


Thank you for your Goddess energy! Loved the Beautiful Mind 21 day journey! Spreading your Hope, JOY and love gives the rest of us ladies a nudge to keep going!


Thank you for helping me feel lighter, stronger and more joyful. So glad I signed up for Beautiful Mind🤍


Love the program, the tips are easy to do, creative and so positive. I read the email with breakfast and put in practice what we need to do for the day. It takes me few minutes and I feel grounded and mindful.


Christa's 21 days of a Beautiful Mind was fabulous! The exercises and tools were easy to complete or execute. Every email was insightful and loving .My favourite was hug yourself!