Top 7 Benefits of the USANA Affiliate Program

USANA Affiliate Program Benefits

All the benefits I'm about to share with you are on top of all the benefits that come with aligning yourself with a 30 year proven company, trusted by thousands of elite athletes, health professionals and developed by leading scientists in cellular health!


1. Affiliate Dashboard

This is the one-stop shop for affiliates to view earnings, access personalized shareable links, see reporting, and manage their account! The ease of this portal makes sharing and managing your campaigns a breeze!

2. Custom Links & Lists

Not only is it easy to grab individual product links, you can also create personalized lists and curated lists to increase the average sale and best serve your community by sharing convenient lists with all your recommendations. Examples:  My Youthful Glowing Skin Must-Haves, Weight Management Protocol, Healthy Mom & Baby etc....

3. Potentially Passive Income 

“You can only be financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.” ~ T. Harv Eker

What separates this Affiliate Program from others is the fact that once a customer enrols through your link they are forever attached to you! 

Think about this.... you share a link to a single product and someone clicks on the link and purchases through your link, they are now a customer learning about all the other products and potentially ordering monthly, from that one share you can earn from that customer for life!! 💥


4. Link tracking (Affiliate Tracking Cookie) 📱🍪

What is this technical mumbo jumbo? An affiliate tracking cookie is a file that is created and stored on your visitor’s web browser when they click on one of your affiliate links. Basically, this allows USANA to have the ability to make certain that they can determine where sales have come from and that YOU get paid!

While they’re certainly not as tasty as their bakery counterparts, these little browser morsels help you to make sure that you’re getting paid when someone from your network clicks on a link to the products that you’re recommending!


5. Scale your income by Sharing the Affiliate Program

Not only can you share products and earn ongoing. You can also share the Program and earn ongoing from the sales that come from affiliates that you refer. This is how you can create some serious LEVERAGE.

This is called Affiliate Referral Rewards. 

You earn a 10% bonus based on the EARNINGS 
of the sponsored Affiliate

Example: Sponsored Affiliate earns $200 in commissions
Affiliate SPONSOR earns
 Referral Rewards $20 ($200 x 10%)



6. Access to articles, research, creative assets and more
You don't have to be an expert or a creative genius to share these world class health products. Whether it's research, science or marketing material you're looking for we have you covered with our libraries and resources such as Ask The Scientists.


7. Access to my exclusive mentorship FREE 

You can sign up for the USANA Affiliate Program through anyone, but if you sign up through me, you will access my exclusive mentorship community, with weekly training calls, mastermind and  a library of resources to support you to become even more impactful and grow your socials!

I can go on, but that should be enough to SIGN UP FOR FREE TODAY!