Beautiful Mind - Day 4: Rose Meditation

beautiful mind Jun 24, 2020

Welcome to Day 4 of Beautiful Mind! 

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Here's our mental self-care prompt today...

Rose meditation

All that you need to perform this exercise is a fresh rose and a silent place.

Start to stare at the center of the rose, its heart.

Keep staring at the rose. Notice its color, texture, and design. Savor its fragrance and think only about this wonderful object in front of you.

At first, other thoughts will start entering your mind, distracting you from the heart of the rose. This is the mark of an untrained mind. But you need not worry, improvement will come quickly.

Simply return your attention to the object of your focus. Soon your mind will grow strong and disciplined.

If you don't have a rose available you can use another flower or even your morning cup of coffee or tea.

When you repeat this daily at the same exact time, most preferably in the morning, time the process and increase the meditation time as your mind grows stronger.


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Love + gratitude
Christa 💗