Beautiful Mind - Day 16: The Five Second Rule

beautiful mind Jul 06, 2020

Welcome to Day 16 of Beautiful Mind! 

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Here's our mental self-care prompt today...

The Five-Second Rule

The Rule is a simple, research-backed metacognition tool that creates immediate and lasting behavior change.

Metacognition, by the way, is just a fancy word for any technique that allows you to beat your brain in order to accomplish your greater goals.

Using the Rule is simple. Whenever you feel the instinct fire up to act on a goal or a commitment—or the moment you feel yourself hesitate on doing something and you know you should do—use the Rule.

Start by counting backward to yourself: 5- 4- 3- 2- 1. The counting will help you focus on the goal or commitment and distract you from the worries, thoughts, and fears in your mind.

As soon as you reach “1,” move.

That’s it.


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