Beautiful Mind - Day 13: Goal Setting - Be. Do. Have.

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

Welcome to Day 13 of Beautiful Mind! 

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Here's our mental self-care prompt today...

Goal Setting - Be. Do. Have.

Create your Be / Do / Have a list

This is a list of things you want to be or do or have. Let me give you an example.

For each heading, you create 10 things. So for “BE”, you might have:

• Be a better listener
• Be a great friend
• Be a better wife

You can do the same for “do” and “have”.

The “do” list would be things like:-

• Run a marathon
• See the pyramids
• etc

And “have” are things you want to have.

It is a really easy way to make a plan and work out what you really want in life.

This may seem like a very basic thing but it is incredibly powerful. The act of writing down 10 in each list means you get very specific about what you REALLY want to do in life.


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