Beautiful Mind - Day 1: Wrap Your Arms Around Yourself

beautiful mind Jun 21, 2020

Welcome to Day 1 of Beautiful Mind! 

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Here's our mental self-care prompt today...

Wrap your arms around yourself

Bring your knees into your chest and give yourself a nice squeeze.
Hold it for ten seconds.

This is an invitation to hug your own body and promise to begin the practice of showing up every single day to love yourself better. 

A simple, easy pose that can now be added to your daily self-care practice.

 Hug yourself every morning and whenever you just need some love.

 And here’s the thing, it turns out hugging ourselves and others is an action with tremendous impact. Research indicates that hugs are a powerful combatant against stress and anxiety, disease, depression, loneliness, and disease in general.

 This makes hugs an amazing thing to share with ourselves and the people we care about.

To get the most out of this program join our private community for Women's Wellness on...

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The Health, Immune and Beauty Benefits of USANA’S PROFLAVANOL® C?


I often get asked what my favorite supplement is and while it's really hard to choose just one (aside from the foundation of Cellsentials) I would have to highlight this purple little hero for health and beauty!


Proflavanol C100 delivers a healthy dose of skin-supporting nutrients in each bilayer tablet.

Vitamin C is an essential, water-soluble vitamin. Your body can’t make it, so it must come from your diet.

It metabolizes and leaves your body fairly quickly, so it’s important you take it regularly.

Stress also has an impact on Vitamin C levels. A busy, and stressful, lifestyle can cause it to decline rapidly.

We all can all benefit from original “superfruit” because we are bombarded free radicals and stressors including:

  • Viruses
  • Processed foods 
  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • UV exposure
  • Sleep deprivation

This one-of-a-kind supplement is made with USANA...

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How to Create a Daily Goal Card for Manifesting and Intentional Goal Setting

goal setting manifesting Mar 11, 2020

A goal card combines the powers of planning, affirmation, visualization, and repetition. 

You may have read about this in the book Think And Grow Rich, any resource from Bob Proctor, Louise Hay taught the world about affirmations and mirror work and virtually any successful person in the world created their life with intention.

This is simple tool to complement how you focus or manifest on what you're creating.

I use my Vision Book to encompass my full life, broken into four chapters and then I like using my goal card to bring to life one very specific goal at a time.

Learn more about my Mini Vision Book Course

It's really fun actually, I just pick someone big or small and bring it life in an elevated way. Sometimes it's quite simple and I can bring it to life within days and sometimes months and months... it depends on how much inner work it required to become the person who can create what I'm seeking.

It's very much a practice of self-worth, way more then is obvious....

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