Your All-In-One Social Marketing Mentorship Program

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

I’m thrilled to bring to life Social Marketing Superstar a monthly members-only mentorship program that’s been 15 years in the making!

I’ve been teaching social media marketing since before Instagram!

Actually, it started in the media room of my apartment building where I’d teach a workshop called Blogging Your Way to the top! In attendance were some future social media superstars who were just getting started!

Since then I’ve taught tens of thousands by speaking on stage in workshops where I’ve followed speakers like Mel Robbins.

It’s been so much fun learning and growing with people around the world, even going on a European-speaking tour! 

Here is Everything You Need To Grow And Sell On Social Media!

Create a Powerful Personal Brand, Grow Your Following, and Reach More Customers on Social Media, ALL FOR LESS THAN $1/DAY

This Membership Includes:

  • Library of Tutorials

  • Goal Setting Workshop

  • Weekly Live Classes

  • Exclusive VIP Coaching Group

  • Personal Branding Workshop

  • Built-in Engagement

  • Social Marketing Strategies

  • Exposure to my Podcast

  • BONUS: IG Audit Private Coaching(Value $350)


SIGN UP HERE --> Become a Social Marketing Superstar!

"Learning from Christa has been so helpful for growing my brand online. I thought I had a good start but I have learned so many things that have taken my branding to the next level. In the past three months, my Instagram alone has grown by 600+ real followers. So very grateful."
-Tiffany Matthews

"Christa has the rare gift that enables her to mentor not only on what it takes to bring your being into alignment but also to become a social media rockstar!"
-Lee Marie Jacobs

“I’ve never had so much engagement and growth from social media since applying Christa’s advice. Not to mention my business revenue has increased too, just by being consistent and authentic.”
- Dawne Schultz

“Working with Christa has really kicked things off for my business. She taught me the exact map to leverage social media and start to grow my business. I gained tools that made things so much easier and faster. I am so thrilled with the growth of my social media and overall business. I can’t say enough what a great investment this was for me. I’ve literally grown my followers 4X over in a matter of 6 weeks! Highly recommend!”
-Tania Radu

“Just watched the first lesson and already so much helpful info! I’ll be honest I’ve been doing so much training. I did B-school and a bunch of other training and I started this year off saying I can’t take in anymore without putting it into practice, but the examples are so actionable and tangible I take action!”
- Sophia Kloepfer