How to Choose An Affiliate Marketing Program - Checklist!

affiliate marketing Nov 01, 2022

If you're ready to get serious about making money with Affiliate Marketing, but you want to make sure you're joining worthwhile programs, here's your 8 part checklist! All Affiliate Marketing Programs are not created equal. In my experience you will have the most success when you focus in a few programs 🔍 that your audience would love and that provide what I like to call win/win/win partnerships!

The people in your audience WINS - they are being recommended the best products that will save them time, money $ and add value to their life because of your careful research 🧐 

The company providing the program WINS - they gain more exposure and new customers that they were only able to reach because of your influence 🤩

You WIN - by being compensated 💰 for your recommendation that resulted in a purchase. There are also many other benefits that can come with the right company including; training, support and even community! 

Here are 8 Questions to Ask before joining a company:

  1. Do you use the product yourself? I’ve yet to meet a successful person in Affiliate Marketing who doesn’t actually swear by the products they recommend. Not to get all woo-woo but, I think it’s an energy thing, an integrity thing. Think about the last time you went out for coffee or drinks with girlfriends, did you share anything you love and were dying to  recommend to them? Of course, that's what we do! I love leaving my girlfriends with fabulous recommendations and because of their enthusiasm I try whatever they were raving about. This is the energy you want to tap into as an Affiliate Marketer, sheer authentic enthusiasm.
  2. Does the product fit your niche? What problem does it solve? Does it hit that pain point? Will it improve their life? These are all questions to as before joining a company. Let me give you an example. I am allll about empowering women to make an impact, increase their income and create the most true, full life possible. So when a fast fashion company offering cheap clothing with questionable quality (and integrity) approaches me to be an affiliate I have to ask myself, will this really add value to their life? If they were to purchase does it solve a problem or improve their life ? And if it's not a hell yeah! I can't wait to tell them about this company/products - then it's a no. 
  3. How is the brand perceived? Hello!! This is a biggie, the companies that you associate yourself with are a reflection of your personal brand, choose wisely. Make sure you are partnering with companies with great integrity and values that are aligned with yours.
  4. How well do the products convert? This first goes back to your niche and knowing what they want. Because if you know who you're talking to and you communicate with genuine enthusiasm, well - it's going to convert! You also want to think about whether it's a one time deal, or if this will lead to recurring (ideally monthly) repeat sales. Does this company offer products that when someone purchases the first time that they will be reordering again? Are they consumable products that need to be refilled monthly / bimonthly? Does the company offer subscriptions for customers to save money and keep coming back? 
  5. What are the commissions for the product? The percentage of commission important, but not as important as the question to ask, do you get paid on REPEAT CUSTOMERS? Do you they have to go through your link or does it automatically go back to you? I think this is the biggest oversight because imagine you do a fabulous job of creating content and sharing a link, someone buys, is now receiving emails from the company and when it's time to reorder they are going directly through them, not going back to the link in your Instagram! So, you need to ensure, that once a someone becomes a customer, that you earn off all their orders automatically, because your Affiliate ID is attached to that customer account - capiche 🤌
  6. What’s the cookie 🍪 duration? This means when they click your link that first time and close the window, how many days will it still stay connected to you? This is vital for your success because, just think of how many times you have left shopping carts abandoned in the aisle of cyber space before going back and proceeding to the check out - for real this time!
  7. Does the company have good customer support? This is everything (ok I know I've already said this!) but, do you really want to become a customer service department - heck no! Access to a toll free number for your customers is best in my opinion and/or a LIVE customer support online.
  8. What are terms and conditions? You know, be an adult and read things you sign.

Here's my favorite affiliate program  and a few more that have my stamp of approval! check them out!