How to Create a Daily Goal Card for Manifesting and Intentional Goal Setting

goal setting manifesting Mar 11, 2020

A goal card combines the powers of planning, affirmation, visualization, and repetition. 

You may have read about this in the book Think And Grow Rich, any resource from Bob Proctor, Louise Hay taught the world about affirmations and mirror work and virtually any successful person in the world created their life with intention.

This is simple tool to complement how you focus or manifest on what you're creating.

I use my Vision Book to encompass my full life, broken into four chapters and then I like using my goal card to bring to life one very specific goal at a time.

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It's really fun actually, I just pick someone big or small and bring it life in an elevated way. Sometimes it's quite simple and I can bring it to life within days and sometimes months and months... it depends on how much inner work it required to become the person who can create what I'm seeking.

It's very much a practice of self-worth, way more then is obvious. Like, you want to make _______ of dollars but what beliefs are you holding or even doubts that will be blocking that from you until it's cleared.

If you're craving change or improvement in your life — whether it’s your relationships, health, financial situation, your business, your career, self-confidence, work ethic --- I want you to know that you've got this!

No matter which area of your life you want to improve, you can use this simple tool for setting your goal and connecting to how amazing it's going to feel once you've created what you desire. 

Creating and using a goal card helps you to see the opportunities that already exist, align yourself to new opportunities and empowers you to take the massive inspired actions when they hit... instead of talking yourself out of them or procrastinating. 

This goal card will also keep your mindset on track when things don't go according to plan, when life throws you a curveball, or when you're simply feeling frustrated with people or circumstances. Reading your card will bring you back to optimism and kind of force you to look at things in another way.

A goal card is a tool for describing your goal, sharing your plan for getting there, and visualizing your new reality, all in one place. It’s a powerful practice because it combines the task of planning with the mindset alchemizing effects of visualization and affirmation, with plenty of repetition to help things stick.

All you need to create your goal card is pen (I like a gel or felt tip) and card stock paper. On the card, you write about your goal(s), how it will feel to achieve them, along with an “exchange statement” describing what you will give (or give up) in order to achieve this for yourself.

Once the card has been created, you read and reflect on it at least twice a day.

Little by little, this practice starts to change your behavior. You start to see yourself in a new way. You stay accountable, because you are constantly reminded to make decisions that take you closer to your goals. You know what those decisions are, because you’ve already planned them.

A goal card practice gives you the mental and emotional transformative power of a daily affirmation with the step-by-step approach of a laid-out plan.

It’s also totally free and requires only time and concentration.You have nothing to lose, only progress to make.

The more consistent and accountable you are with your goal card practice, the more effective it becomes.

Your goal card reminds you of the person you want to be and what you need to do to make it happen. It also helps you see yourself as this person — visualization is an essential part of making changes that last.

Moving throughout your day, you will begin to do small things to become the person you want to be.

The goal card plays the role of reminding you who that is, what you need to do, and why you want it. Reading and embracing the goal card takes on the power of autosuggestion, and acts a guidance system by prompting visualization and reminding you to keep believe and confidence high.

For example, if your goal has to do increasing your business, you’ll start the day visualizing that reality, and itemizing the steps you need to take.

Later that day, you are faced with a decision when you're tired and tell yourself you deserve a break: you can scroll aimlessly on social media being sucked into God knows what OR you can listen to a guided meditation or personal development podcast. What's going to leave you feeling better? And which will help you fill your cup so you can give more to growing your business? The choice is obvious and you you will be begin to make better, more intentional choices.

Your goal card — which is meant to be kept right in your pocket, wallet or handbag for times like these — is your guide to making choices that feel better and serve you far greater.

This works for any goal, not just those in the business growth.

Let’s say you want to get healthy and fit. Will you take the time to plan your meals or be ok with fast meals on the go? A few minutes of reflection with your goal card empowers you break up with the easy and the known and say yes to doing things outside your comfort zone.

With the goal card’s statement fresh on your mind, you’re compelled to take action in little ways and big ways.  

Change can be difficult, and your old self-image may fight it, but focusing with the goal card helps you stay the course.

By cultivating mindfulness, you’ll start making more and more decisions that are aligned with what's on the card.

Creating a Goal Card

You can use a paper index card. Pick something that will fit into your wallet or pocket of your handbag so that you can have it with you.

I also created this card you can print and fill in if you wish.

For best results, use sturdy materials and laminate it or use clear packing tape as a DIY lamentation.

Step 1. Define Your Goal.

What will it feel like when you achieve it?
Here’s where you want to reach high, write in the first person, and be specific.

Who do you want to be? 

Setting ambitious goals is exciting and scary, but it’s a great sign to feel that fire in your belly.

Goals should scare you. This is because real change taps into the emotional, subconscious level.

When you start describing your goal, imagine a scenario where you’ve already achieved it. Revel in your success in the first person:

“I am so happy and grateful that I have doubled by weekly income. I’ve also qualified for an incentive trip to Cabo. I'm attracting new business daily with joy and ease. I am owning my leadership and attracting people who also mean business.”

Repeating this kind of self-talk over and over again is a powerful auto suggestion technique. You start seeing yourself as the person you want to become — a non-negotiable part of making behavior change sustainable in the long run. Also, remember to be specific as well. It’s important to talk about the detailed realities of your goal scenario.

Step 2. Outline what you will do to obtain your goal.

This is your exchange statement, where you identify what you will change and give up in order to see results.

Remember, nothing comes for free, and a goal card isn’t a magic wand.

It’s simply a tool for organizing and aligning your self-improvement efforts. Putting in the work is up to you.

“I show up in my business each day with a strategic plan that focuses on the most impactful and income generating tasks. I work with intention and focused energy. I have created systems and boundaries to manage my energy wisely. I bring fresh, innovative and enthusiastic energy to my work and go the extra mile when an opportunity presents itself."

Step 3. Set a deadline.
Deadlines with concrete dates keep you accountable, but be patient and stay realistic. Redefining yourself does not happen overnight!

Step 4. Add motivational images.
Add images to the card that inspire you and help you picture the life you want. Be creative! If a certain physique is what you’re after, we even suggest you Photoshop some images of your face on your “after” body. Seeing your own face on a trim, toned body is powerful indeed.
If you’re using the Goal Control app, the image gathering process is much easier. 

Your Daily Goal Card Practice
Once you create your goal card, get to work at once. Even if every day is not perfect, any progress gets you closer, even if it’s just a little at a time.
Read your goal card at least twice daily, preferably out loud. Once in the morning and once at night is a good place to start, but feel free to do so as frequently as possible. An emergency goal card-reading certainly comes in handy when you’re having trouble sticking to your plans. (Plus, if it’s on your phone, no one around you will know what you’re doing.)

As you read, believe that you have already accomplished these goals.

Visualize yourself putting in the work and what things will be like when the work is paying off. This is the person you will become! By repeating this first-person vision, you’ll eventually believe it. This change in self-perception prompts you to take actions befitting your goals.

Who do you want to become?

What is your goal?

How are you filling out your goal card?

Through consistency and focus, you will get there. Thanks to positive self-talk and a changed self-image, you’ll stay there.

You will no longer have any fear of new habits or failure — only freedom!

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