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IMG_0031It took a few days to let all of the goodness of #USANA14 settle in. This was my fourth time attending International Convention and this year has been the most transformational and memorable. The theme for this year was IGNITED and the hard working people at USANA lived up to this promise.

The spark of my greatest potential was lit in a way that I did not expect. Every area that I needed to heal and grow as leader was brought to the service. Ooooh it hurt so good! Remember, when stuff comes up be thankful, because it’s coming up to heal and release, so you can grow to the next level!

The speakers and the time I spent with my beautiful team lit my soul on fire. From the deepest depths of all that I am, I am now aligned and ignited to serve in a bigger and bolder way.

Like never before I am committed and excited to make a difference in every life I meet! Thank you USANA, I am ready to take it to the next level!


Here are a few highlights from #USANA14….              



Touring the head office with small part of my dream team, Luscious Life Design. The USANA head office is mind blowing in so many ways. Here we are snapping a photo in the gym for the USANA employees. Just one of the reasons USANA has been voted one of the best places to work by Outside magazine.

Christa Realba USANA

4 generations of USANA!

My nana, my baby Marcus and mom are pictured with me here 🙂

They are incredibly supportive and my true role models.

How amazing are they for being so open, so eager for new life experiences!

Plus, their nanny services were top notch! 😉


USANA family selfie with The Boudah’s!

Ryan and Shelly are such incredible friends, entrepreneurs and leaders!


Auntie Shelly and Marcus got a snuggle!

Shelly Boudah


Super nostaglic moment here. 

My first USANA convention I remember dreaming of building my business to a place that would allow be to be a stay at home mom and now here we are, enjoying the VIP room and red carpet together 🙂


Celebration time at the GAME CHANGERS team party!


The LLD crew sticking a pose!


So blessed to call Fernanda Puga and Jen Groover my business partners and friends!

#USANAbabes #USANAmamas


My favourite family doctor Dr. Ira Bernstein.

Dr. Ira fell in with USANA while searching for treatment of Meniere’s Disease


Marcus has the coolest USANA aunties!

Lavender Morantz


Luscious Life Design

The 3rd annual backbend picture!

We do our best backbends after a glass of wine 😉


Really though? Does it get any better then yoga, babies and this guy!

Learning from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins…..

I’ll never be the same!



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