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And How This Can Support You In Life And Business

Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guides are? What messages they may have for you? What guidance they are able to give you in certain areas of your life?

I sure did! And I recently had the experience of meeting my guides and like all ways of healing and growing that I experience I just have to share it with the world!

I am so thrilled to bring this post to you, written by Channing Young, a medium and light worker who gave me the experience of meeting my guides and shared their messages with me. It was an experience I’ll never forget. 

Meet my friend Channing Young discover what meeting your guides can do for you!

10468199_10154320792685032_2436965217016426706_nWhat if I told you that in this journey called life, walking the path that you walk, you are not alone? What if in all areas of your life, you are supported in more ways than anyone can fully comprehend? That there is a whole group of souls special to each and every single person living on earth? No one group, no one support system the same. Would you believe it? My missison and my passion in life is connecting people with their support groups. What I call – THE GUIDES.

Everyone has three main Guides with them from the minute they are born until the very last breath they take. Now everyone can have 10, 11, 12 or more Guides with them at one time, guiding them, protecting them but the main three will never leave you where the other ones are known as Floaters. The Floaters will come in and out of your lives at different times for different reasons and lessons. Supporting you in ways that they are able to help you best. However, the three main Guides have a deeper connection to you. A much stronger bond. Not only do they guide you, protect you, push you to grow on a soul level, they also help make up who you are as a person. They share in some of, if not all, the same chacteristics as you. At times it is what helps keep you calm, at times it is what pushes you to do better, pushes you to reach new levels and new goals. It is what steers you onto different paths.

The Guides chose us. They chose who they wanted to help support on this journey called life. They chose whichever, or whoever’s path they felt that they could have the most impact on. Who they felt might have a chance at a stronger connection in being able to guide them. So many people are not open to the idea of life after death, or believing in the possibility of other realms. So many people don’t even know about the Guides and the support systems that they have. The Guides just want to help. They want to communicate with us so their messages can be heard. So their guidance can be given. They wait for us to give them specific tasks to work on for us because they just want to help make our journey a little bit easier, a little bit more enjoyable, uplifting and purposful. They want to see us succeed in our own missions. So many of us look to other people in our lives to support and help us but the Guides are the only beings who offer unconditional love.

Let me explain to you what it was like when I became to know my Guides and how they were able to help me in my mission and in serving my purpose. Maybe this can show you how by getting to know your Guides your life can change for the better.

Ever since I was a little girl I had the ability. Ability to see, hear, feel and sense other entities, other beings, other souls. I remeber being able to see people’s auras (energy fields) so strong that I would get terrible headachs from it. Not knowing what I was seeing or how to control it, the only advice my parents could give me was to “Turn it off”. So I did. Over the following years I became very ill. I lived my life with no guidence from my Guides what so ever. Thinking, believing and doing what Society told me was “Normal”. I worked hard and eventually I held a good job working at the community college. I worked 9-5 making a good wage. I felt secure but I was not happy. I got married, tried to start a life for myself but again I found myself unhappy. I thought to myself how could this be? I have everything I worked hard for. I have more than others can ask for. I should be greatful. Then I met my Guides.

The Guides showed me through seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing what my life was supposed to be like, where I took wrong turns, what my purpose and my passion is on this journey. How I was supposed to help people connect with their Guides and align with their passions and their purpose in life. They taught me about energy. How to work with it. How to make it serve me better in my life. How to manifest or call things forward for myself. In the timespan of a year and a half I completely changed my life around. I listened to the guidence they had for me. When I got laid off from work, I made the decision not to go back, so I left my job, I left my marriage, I left people who only brought me down in life. In all of this I lost my friends and my support system in them but I knew that no one would support me better than my Guides and my family. The Guides gave me the strength to walk away from everything that wasn’t serving me on my path as well as what or who I was no longer able to serve as well. They gave me the courage to stand on my own and believe in myself. Now I live a purposful life. Now I am happier than I have ever been or could have ever imagined.

The Guides want to help people realize that life doesn’t always have to be so hard. It doesn’t always have to go the way Society says it does. You don’t have to work the normal 9-5 job, a job that you don’t even like or feel as if it isn’t serving your purpose. It’s time to break away from the conditioning we have been exposed to all of our lives. What if I told you that you could live the life you want and be supported in it, making the money you wanted? What if I told you that you could be happier? You could make a difference? Would you trust me? Or better yet, would you trust your Guides?

“Our guidance is all around you; are you open to receiving?” – The Guides

Channing Young



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