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Telegram Pods and Instagram engagement pods are great to increase your Likes and Comments on your Instagram Posts.

Many of you are familiar with Instagram pods, but Telegram is the next level! So here’s the scoop….

What is Telegram?

Telegram Messenger is a instant messaging service, where users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, audio and files of any type. It is similar to other messaging services like Whatsapp,FB Messenger, Viber, etc.

But Telegram is much more than just messages, sending images or chats (like the other messaging services do).

These are the most relevant traits that make Telegram such a great tool:

  • No limits to the amount of members in a group.
  • You can use tools developed specially for Telegram, I share one below.

What are Instagram Pods on Telegram?

Also known as Telegram Pods or Telegram Groups, basically they are a group of people in a chat created specifically to like and/or comment on the Instagram posts of everyone in the group chat.

It is not necessary to have all those participants in your contacts. People can be added to a Telegram Pod by their Telegram username (handle), or they can be invited to the group via Link (telegram group chat link).

Take a look at the group I created: 24h Like Build Your Biz if you want to see how Telegram Pods are and of course join in!

How Instagram Pods Work

Every Instagram Pod has its own rules, but basically they can be simplified as follows:

  1. You post your link to your Instagram posts you want to be liked or commented on.
  2. You catch up with all the previous links on the pod from the members of the pod (i.e. you like or comment their posts).

Thats all. Every pod may have a different policy on how you should catching up; examples: previous 10 links. or past 24 hours’ links, etc.

** The best way to understand is to get in one! **

How To Use Telegram Pods In An Algorithm Friendly Way:

Using Telegram engagement groups can be very helpful when growing your account. Having a more structured way to create engagement is super effective. Think of it as sparking flames to a fire, it won’t just happen on it’s own.

  • Instagram LOVES when users spend time on Instagram! Telegram pods create a way of recurring visits to Instagram by the members of the Telegram group.
  • These group consist of real accounts and actual people running them, who are liking and commenting. This means real interactions instead of automated bots which can actually harm not just your reputation with Instagram, but with your community. You’ve seen it before, a weird comment that you knew for sure was not an actual person commenting or someone like your photo who you questioned why or maybe you’ve had someone follow you like 5 times! This is all the actions
  • Join Telegram Pods that are related to your NICHE or to your interests! This is very important, because it will be more aligned and genuine and it will let Instagram know what niche you belong to as well.

How To Save Tons Of Time On Telegram Pods

Use Telegram groups or any instagram engagement group is very effective to grow your engagement on your Instagram posts, but it can also be very time consuming.

There is an amazing app (Google Chrome extension), which can automate all the manual work for you, meet LikeItAll.

This tool will LIKE every link in your group, so you don’t have to do it manually. You are still completely in control, you start the process (it doesn’t run without you) and then LikeItAll does the rest. It feels like I have a virtual assistant that I’m passing it over to. No bots or 3rd parties involved, which is good for you, and it also works on Facebook.

LikeItAll is super easy to use, you just need to install the plug in on your browser. When you are on Telegram web (it also works on Facebook) as you scroll down the page you will see all the posts with links are highlighted in yellow, this means all those links are in queue to be LIKED, then they turn to green as they are automatically liked.

FYI: I only recommend tools that I really trust or use!


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