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Walking down the “vitamin aisle” in the grocery store or health food store can be overwhelming. 100-feet long, 10-shelves high, you’re surrounded by the promises of many brands at many different price points.

So who do you trust?

And where do you start?

Are you going to ask someone working there?

The women in the the aisle reading the back of every bottle?

Start searching for brand reviews on your phone?

This can be a major feat and then you still really don’t know for sure if you’re taking the best!

I recommend this awesome tool –  USANA’s True Health Assessment!

The bottom line is I understand how hard (and time consuming) it is to go through all the latest research and marketing fads when designing a personalized nutritional regimen.

But you don’t have to.

USANA realized this problem many years ago and launched the Health Assessment and Advisor. 

The is a FREE service for anyone to use! The insight that you gain from this tool is similar to having a private consult with a health care provider who specializes in nutrition, which could cost you an average of $150 for your initial visit. You may still seek additional advice, but you’ll go knowing more then before and that way you’ll get much more value!

Why not, start your health journey in a way that empowers you!?




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