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It’s time to: Create Your Rate Card 

Know your worth and put it on paper.


Create a personal rate card for the multi skilled and talented person that you are, so that when opportunities come up to get paid, you are ready and know what to charge.

There are likely many trades that you are an expert in or that people ask for your advice on and when you don’t have a rate card you end up giving away your time for free.

I believe in the importance of an energetic exchange for every business transaction, it add more value to what you’re giving and it in turn is more appreciated.

You may still want to offer your services/advice/coaching as a good gesture to help someone out, but if you have placed a price on your rate sheet you will find you show up differently too, it’s empowering to know your value.

Step 1. Create a list of all of the services that you offer. These can be things people ask for your help with, they could seem small to you but others really value your expertise. They can be in your industry or not. Include all services that you would be happy to provide if requested.

Here are some examples and ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • If you have a really strong following on social media then would you do a post to your network for a product/service or event that you liked? What could you charge? Ex: Social Media shout out reaching _____ of followers = $50
  • If you can create graphics or cover images for FB pages easily what could you charge? Ex: Create a funky FB cover image for you = $25
  • Are you great at proof reading and editing? Ex: I’ll proof read and edit your Ebook under 100 pages = $50
  • Do you have a blog? You could have a price for sponsored posts or a rate sheet for ads on the sidebar.
  • Are you a coach? What kind of power session can you offer?
  • Are you a nutritionist or healer? Can you offer mini sessions or virtual sessions?

Step 2. Price each service and remember your time if your most valuable asset.

Step 3. Create a simple document with your service and pricing and save as a PDF.

We all have skills that people will pay for. But, they’ll only pay for them if we know what our price is and we share our rate card.

Now every time someone asks you for a favour you can decide whether you charge or not and I hope that you do.

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1 Comment on Take Action Challenge – Know Your Worth

  1. Lisa
    September 27, 2018 at 7:34 pm (11 months ago)

    Love this idea, this is great inspo to get started on many things I have been holding off on.
    Thank you!!

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