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Take the True Health Assessment


Walking down the “vitamin aisle” in the grocery store or health food store can be overwhelming. 100-feet long, 10-shelves high, you’re surrounded by the promises of many brands at many different price points. So who do you trust? And where do you start? Are you going to ask someone working there? The women in the […] Read more…

My Go-To Smoothie Mix


We never are out of stock at our house of Nutrimeal Free! It’s a plant based smoothie mixture that is gluten free, fructose free and dairy free! And you don’t have to worry about it being recalled due to poor quality or contamination (ahem… Vega) I love adding 2 scoops to a big blender of […] Read more…

iHerb Discount Code – GVZ535


I just discovered iHerb when I was shopping for some pregnancy tea. I ended up filling my cart with tea, some super foods and Essentials oils! If this is your first time ordering from iHerb, you will get $10.00 off your first order, enter GVZ535 Happy shopping! p.s check out this amazing present to buy yourself if you’re […] Read more…

5 of My Fave Smoothies!


I start every day with a delicious smoothie creation. I look forward to it every morning and so do my boys! Each smoothie contains a scoop or two of Nutrimeal, which is my secret ingredient to make every smoothie nutritionally complete, low GI and delicious!       Here are my 5 faves: Very Peachy 1-2 […] Read more…

Alisa Vitti Just Rocked My World!


I just finished interviewing Alisa Vitti for the Healthy Moms Healthy Babies webinar and she rocked my world! Watch the recording here! Here are the moments that turned me on, hit home and stuck with me! “Get into observation with your symptoms” —– Just because it’s normal to have bad pms, it doesn’t mean it has […] Read more…

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