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How I Do What I Do


Here I shared Why I Do Why I Do  And now, it’s time to share How I Do What I Do…. How do I bring this vision to life daily? How do I take those beautiful thoughts and make them a reality? How do I create change? How do I change lives? It’s time to […] Read more…

LLD Spotlight of the Month – Hillary Schilling, CHC


I’m so grateful to have Hillary in our tribe! Her passion for health and wellness inspires thousands daily virtually and in her local community. She walks her talk and she’s got the pretty sweaty pictures to prove it! Hillary’s journey into being holistic health coach began in college after she gained that famous weight that many […] Read more…

What I Look for In A New Business Partner – #DreamGirl


I love partnering with women around the globe through my business & mentorship program Luscious Life Design, but I don’t want to work with just anyone….    Here are the qualities I look for when sharing my business partnership (aka the #DreamGirl)  She’s a hard worker. She craves success. She’s a self starter. She’s creative. […] Read more…

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