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Knowing The Energetic Shifts for 2016


How To Plan Business and Life Accordingly The world we live in holds more than what we just hear, see and feel. It holds more than what we can imagine. From the very place circumstances of life unfold there is a vast amount of energy. Energy is neither negative nor positive, it just is. There […] Read more…

14 Ways to Protect Your Energy


You’re feeling so great… it feels awesome… so natural… Maybe you just went to yoga class, read a great book, played with children, laughed with girlfriends or are just happy to be alive enjoying the day! And then… it may not happen instantly but you start to lose it. Your energy begins to lower… You […] Read more…

Make Every Day a Celebration


What are you celebrating today? What can you celebrate today? What if EVERY DAY you celebrated something? …. what if you found more joy, happiness, abundance and fun in celebrating more? What if you celebrated Wednesday? What if you made it your mission to create more fun every day? Now, go celebrate something and make […] Read more…

You Are An Influencer – Be the Change


We live in a world where we share so much of our lives. We openly share our thoughts, how we spent our days, what we ate, what we wore, what we saw and so much more. We all have the social media platform to share to the masses. Everyone I know is on Facebook and at […] Read more…

What’s this #30daybeachbum Program All About?

30 Day Beach Bum Program

The 30 Day Beach Bum Program is a global experience that you can take part in to get a fresh new start. No weight loss fad, magic pill, or hypnosis treatment can set you on a road to life-long change. If you’re interested in investing time and energy into real, organic health while boosting self-love […] Read more…

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