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Holiday Facebook Contests


These stats & little facts will turn your marketing mojo on!  More than 63% of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway It takes about 30 seconds to set up a contest using an engaging fill-in-the-blank status update Fill-in-the-blank status updates receive about 182% more engagement […] Read more…

Be THAT Girl


I’ve recently been watching GIRL BOSS on Netflix and it’s coming just at the right time in my life and biz. It’s loosely based on the story of Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal, which started as an ebay store and grew to an empire worth over 200 million. While her character is a little bit […] Read more…

Book Your Free 20min Call


Hi! I would love to support you in feeling you best and living your best life! Consider me your knowledgable and resourceful girlfriend and let’s chat! What is the area of your life if that was better you would feel more empowered in every area of your life? What is that area where you need […] Read more…

Master Your Daily Rituals


    Not just any action, not frantic busy action. Rather consistent daily habits. Developing this for you was a personal development project for me. From building my business for years, I know the habits that create massive growth. These habits have become rituals taking care of all of me. Rituals that create the most business […] Read more…

7 Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur


Congrats on becoming your own boss! You’re self employed, you make the rules, you’re in charge! But…. maybe your business is not growing at the rate that you were hoping for and there’s no one to hold you accountable daily. It’s time to step up, put on your CEO boss babe shoes! Ready? My top […] Read more…

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