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After reading the title of this article some of you are probably asking “What is an Aura?”. So let me start by saying that every living thing, creature and being has one. The plants, trees, animals, bugs and yes people have one. Auras are also known as ones energy field. The human body is made up of seven main enegy portals known as chakras. These chakras allow energy to flow in and out of your body. Collectively they are the energies that create your aura.


Every persons aura is different from the next. The aura varies in size, shape and colour depending on how healthy the person is, what kind of mood they are in and even when there are different energies around them. The healthier the person the bigger, stronger and more vibrant it is. The more unwell someone is the smaller, weak and fragile the aura. Someone that expresses love or peace will have a bigger and brighter aura. Someone who is feeling hurt or sad would have a more rigid and dull aura.

Most people cannot see the aura but everyone does have the ability. With some discipline and practise you may be able to awaken this hidden talent.

Expanding The Aura 
Ways of keeping your aura strong are;

- Making sure you are getting a good nights sleep
– Keeping your stress levels down
– Maintaining a healthy diet
– Plenty of exercise
– Postive thinking
– Meditation
– Keep alcohol to a minimum or none at all

Steps to Creating a Magnetic Aura

– First strengthen the aura
– Be aware of your own energy
– Be aware of the energy of others
– Cut out all negativity (things, situations, people and even language)
– Manifest what you want (law of attraction)
– Give thanks for the things you have now
– Give thanks as if you have already received the things you are manifesting. By believing they are already yours puts out that energy, attracting it to you quicker.

Cutting out all negativity currently in your life will help expand your aura. We want to keep all low vibrational or negative energy away from us as it attracts more negativity. When it does present itself in your life, learn how to handle it with a positive approach and then send it away in light and love. This way you are only putting out positivity into the world instead of adding to the negativity. Remember that what you put out into the universe, you will receive 10 fold.

Being aware of your own energy field is important. To start out see if you can tell whether the energy you give off is positive or negative.

What is the general feel?

You can even go as far as to ask yourself; What are you putting out into this world?

How do people feel when they are around you?

Do people feel comfortable or uneasy?

Do people feel that they can come to you for advice or confide in?

These are all things you should be able to pick up on when getting to know your own energy around others.

Knowing what you want in life is one thing but learning how to use the tools within yourself, to attract it to you, is the most rewarding.

Written by Channing Young


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