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This is me after I got my swagger back.

I don’t have any images of what I looked like a few days prior, but I can tell you what it felt like…

I ignored all of the whispers from my body and mind to slow down.

As a busy mom and business owner I always have someone needing me and I let everyone’s elses need take priority over my own.

I do self care, I get my nails done biweekly, a fresh blowout weekly… or at least I thought I did.

A few days prior to this image I didn’t feel like my enthusiastic self.

Everything felt hard.

I was feeling weak, run down and drained.

It was scary.

I didn’t know the feeling (and don’t want to get comfortable with it ever).

It was just scary enough to teach me a lesson, or a BLESSON (lesson + blessing) 😉

With the encouragement and support of my mom and my husband and mom, I surrendered to my bed, disconnected and I took care of me.

I asked myself, what do I really need right now?

And I gave myself that, I didn’t worry about dinner, kids schedules. I asked for help, I surrendered and let people who love me let me rest.

I have myself 2 days of extreme self care; cleared my schedule, went to yoga, cuddled my boys (without worrying about what I should be doing), listened to guided meditation, I got lots of s l e e p , I ate wholesome meals (made by my hunnie Mike Realba), I went for a generous hair trim, I took extra USANA goodness (Proflavonal C 100* on repeat) and received energy healing and clearing (Goddesses: Cindy Lacey & Colleen Barrette)

I learned this lesson AGAIN on the importance of asking for help and being supported.

I’m so blessed to be so supported in my life, at home with my amazing hubby, my family and my dream team – but it still requires me a s k i n g.

Lesson learned – BLESSON received 🙂

Feeling sooooo good!

Got my mojo back! ✨

And I plan on keeping it that way.

So, what I learned that is that TRUE self care for me is asking for help, asking myself what I need and desire and giving myself that and slowing down.

And I my mom and I are officially self care accountability buddies, making sure we remind each other to take extra good care and put ourselves first.

Take care friends!


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