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Hi everyone!

How are you feeling today?

If you’re feeling in the zone, in your groove and vibin’ high – then keep doing what you’re doing and expand this goodness by feeling grateful from head to toe!

In this space, I recommend riding this awesome wave, create lots of connections, build your business, be creative, network and just live it up!

Oh I love this feeling and I believe this is actually our natural state – feeling inspired, energized and alive!

But…. there’s a slippery slope that you can get on that can pull you down without you even realizing what’s happening.

There is negativity all around us, from gossiping at the hair salon, to listening to the news, even what happens in our own personal circle of family and friends.

Recently I was really affected by a story on the news, it was all over Facebook and it just sucked me in. It triggered a previous event in my life that took years to process and heal from and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

Following this news story became addictive actually and it began really distracting me from all the goodness in my life, taking me out of the present moment and drained my energy in every way.

I kept on keeping on and still showed up to meeting and with my family, but I just wasn’t my best self.

I let something negative that happened to someone else rob me of my productivity and joy.

Not cool man.

Here’s how I got out of it:

  1. I remembered this truth: “All that we are is a result of what we have thought ~ Buddha” and that my focus was determining my present state. If my thoughts are negative, my only possible state is negative. It’s really simple actually. But our egos do this funny little dance of making it seem urgent and necessary for us to stay in this place. This is not where you heal. SELF LOVE is where you heal and loving yourself means being happy.
  2. I shifted by doing my grounding meditation.
  3. Then I put on my headset and turned on some Darren Hardy because he’s all about mindset and I went outside for a walk.
  4. Once returned I wrote down 3 goals for the rest of the day and I felt more clear, capable and energized then I have in a couple of weeks.

The lesson, be aware of what you let into your head, your heart, and your life. Guard your energy. Send blessings, prayers, love, make a donation to someone in need and then let it go. It’s not your burden to carry and you have too many people who need the gifts that you have to offer.

Rule your mind

Society is bombarding us with messages every day on what to believe, how to feel, how we’re supposed to look, so when society is dragging you down it’s time to turn up the positive booty shaking girl power tunes of Miss Trainor!

Hop on the M Train and wake up feeling like this:





Here are a few reasons she’s inspired me to be a little more sassy, confident and body-loving:

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Have a beautiful week everyone, living on purpose with passion and taking massive daily inspired action!





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