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Our first annual Spring Retreat at Kathy Kaehler’s cottage was a great success!

I’m still can’t believe that I hosted a retreat with Kathy Kaehler this past weekend! It’s actually pretty surreal. Kathy first inspired me in my teens when I was working out to her VHS workout tape with Claudia Schiffer. I actually found the YouTube video , holy flashback, I knew every word and every move! Nothing like the 90s!

Turns out Kathy and I were meant to come together! We both started taking USANA products around the same time 8 years ago and just this past February the universe (aka Andre Gordon) brought us together to speak at an event in LA.

We sat side by side and discovered that her family cottage was a short drive from where I live in Ontario! At that very dinner we said let’s host a retreat!

13226758_10154281012154124_7442134160654045825_nAnd we compliment each other so nicely, that with such ease our special retreat came together and it was like working with someone I’ve been working with for years.

I’m deeply thankful to have her in my life and to be learning and growing together.

We had a beautiful group of women both Saturday and Sunday. It was an intimate setting, cozy in Kathy’s gorgeous log cabin overlooking the lake.

We spent the day seeking answers within ourselves, sharing with each other and learning the tools to empower us in every area of our lives.

Saturday’s lovelies

We started our days with MySmartShake of course! Kathy makes THE BEST smoothies, are her secret is ice and blending it extra long until its extra frothy.

Delicious Smoothies
Kathy makes the best smoothies.

IMG_6012I walked everyone through guided meditations to connect to their deepest desires and visualize where they want to be in 1 year and beyond.

Imagine now, it’s May 2017, one year has past and you’re back at Kathy’s cottage…. imagine what your life looks like one year from now….

We moved our bodies through a gentle yoga soulful practice, incorporating energy work. Through the yoga the focus was self love and creating the space to ask themselves what they are yearning for in their life right now.

Chopping our veggies

We learned how Kathy preps food for the week, with her famous program Sunday Set Up! This is the program that she has done with countless celebrities and we got the full scoop! Including loads of practical tips on fuelling your body on the go, the importance of supplementation and a little bit of celebrity dish too! We were all ears!

We ate the most nourishing whole foods, snacks and sipped on herbal tea and pure water.

We enjoyed BRISK walks outside and explored easy ways we could all include more fitness in our lives.

We enjoyed spa facials and neck and shoulder massages.

We took action towards our dream lives right then and their through my workshop.

We captivating listening to Kathy’s most fascinating life and career story, it all started with Jane Fonda! Gah! That story was super exclusive, you have to be at her cottage to learn all the juicy details! Those who were there know what I’m talking about!

Picking up our delicious vegan, whole foods catering!

A big thank you to Healthy Mama for the amazing food! Our guests were nourished and satisfied!

And another big thank you to my husband who was the beautiful male energy at the cottage, who helped us to capture special moments and even help out it in kitchen.

Kathy and Mike
Kathy and Mike enjoying great conversation and wine.

Be the first to know once registration is live for our Spring Retreat in 2017!

Get on my list and I’ll let you know! 


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