Are you craving a brand and business that you love? Are you looking to leverage social media to increase your reach and revenue?

You see it in your head, you know it’s possible, but you feel stuck.

Well, don’t worry… you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve taken my twelve-plus years of experience, leveraging social media to build my international, multi six-figure business, and developed an exclusive, NEXT LEVEL ONE-ON-ONE coaching opportunity for ten serious entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to join forces with me, to put in the work and make some magic happen?

Holistic Course of Action


  • Social media questionnaire that will clarify your branding identity and pinpoint specific areas of need
  • Social media audit that will assess the current quality of your content and engagement


  • A three-hour interactive video conference wherein we will:
  • Present our findings from the questionnaire and audit
    Outline the best plan of action to improve your current content creation efforts
    Introduce you to our go-to stable of content creation tools and highlight their key features
    Coach you in DIY video production and on-camera techniques
    Address any aspects of content creation and community engagement that is keeping you from reaching your goals


  • Following the video conference, we will create a step-by-step content strategy blueprint for you to implement
  • The personalized blueprint will provide structure to your social media efforts and will help keep you focused on your goals
  • Three additional thirty-minute follow up calls to review your progress and discuss any questions that arise


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