Britt Michaelian“Christa is one of the smartest, most driven and caring women I have ever worked with. She is full of sage advice while remaining open,flexible and creative which are essential qualities for women seeking flow in their lives.”
Britt Michaelian



Stephanie Packer“Christa has a powerful gift of igniting a spark from deep within your core to go after anything you’ve ever desired. No matter where you’re at on your journey, Christa will always meet you half way with vibrant energy and will lead you gracefully to unlock your bigger vision. Ready to elevate your life on every level? She’s your girl!”
Stephanie Packer



Leanne Jacobs“Christa is a bright light of greatness and love! She has the rare gift that enables her to mentor not only on what it takes to bring your being into beautiful grace, alignment and optimal health but also to mentor you to be a business rockstar!

She is a master at what she does!”
Leanne Jacobs



Tia Thomas“Being given the opportunity to work with Christa has been such a blessing. She’s helped me develop into the business woman that I am today, and I’m forever grateful.”
Tia Thomas



Heather Chauvin“Christa is one of those rare gems who walks her talk when it comes to hustle and flow. Since partnering with her I’ve discovered how to not only take care of myself and my three kids, but also run a successful online coaching business while taking extremely great care of my health. She’s a master at helping other women let go of the struggle and thrive.”
Heather Chauvin