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Are you ever just not sure what to do?

Maybe there’s so much too do that you’re overwhelmed.

Maybe you’re feeling a lack of motivation, which is totally natural.

There are always a million things to do between life and business. Some tasks you have less resistance to and some you subconsciously avoid like the plague, they may cause anxiety and just don’t feel good.

We’re all wired a bit different, but when there’s things we know we need to get done and we’re not doing it can slow us down energetically. Our body knows.


What if instead of this whirlwind of exhausting energy that doesn’t result in any good, we implement the BIG 3 to soar in our life and business!?

It’s time to feel energized and confident!

This strategy will help you to go bed bed feeling grateful and proud of what you have created that day! It will also help you to shift your perspective on the challenging moments, because you will see the big picture!

Here’s how to create a 3 things theory in your life and business!

STEP 1 Set 3 goals for YOUR LIFE

The idea is simple, set 3 goals for your life. These are the overarching “vision” goals that may even seem ethereal. It’s okay if these change, but without these long-term goals in place it is challenging to stay the course for the short term goals.

Here are mine:

I want to create a legacy of wellness, knowing that our family did all that we could to teach others how to feel their best and live long happy lives.

I want to create a legacy of personal empowerment, knowing that we taught multiple generations how to be personally empowered in their lives and to be sharing this with the next generation.

To raise children and grandchildren who make the absolute most of their lives. I hope they are  leaders who are kind and generous. I hope to be a role model to them to encourage them to follow their dreams and to be the per

son others are waiting for.


STEP 2 Set 3 TEN YEAR goals

Now, set 3 ten-year goals.

These are things that you would like to have accomplished in ten years that will help you achieve those 3 life-goals you set before. These should still be pretty overarching and high-level, but they should be more tangible than your life goals. One example might include, “Be making seven figures a year by XX/XX/XXXX date ten years into the future.”

This ties into each of the goals from the example above, so achieving it will push you farther along on your journey to reaching those life goals.


STEP 3 Set 3 FIVE YEAR goals

Same as above.


STEP 4 Set 3 ONE YEAR goals

Now, set 3 one-year goals.

These are the first steps to hitting those ten year goals. Keeping with the income theme from above, one of your goals may be to make $50,000 this first year. This is a scaleable goal, because each year you can increase that number until you get to that date mentioned in your ten-year goals and make 7 figures.


STEP 5 Set 3 MONTHLY goals

As you may have guessed, once you have set your one-year goals, it is time to set 3 monthly goals.

You could set monthly goals that will be the same each month and aim to hit those, or you can set 3 unique monthly goals each month that will push you farther along. The only caution I have about the second option is that many people will set 3 monthly goals, work on them for the month, and then abandon them next month for something new.

Personally, I use a combination of both. I have a monthly income static goal that is adjusted each month.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” – Earl Nightingale


STEP 6 Set 3 WEEKLY goals

Each week, on Sunday evening, I set aside a quiet tea date and I think to myself: What 3 things could I accomplish that would make this week a success for me and move me farther along to hitting these monthly goals?

Then I write those down. Sometimes I will write 5 goals for the week, sometimes I will write 3. But the idea is that you have a “barometer” for your success this week.


STEP 7  Set 3 DAILY goals

Now each day I am only working towards reaching those 3 goals. I love this because as long as I finish those 3 things, I can feel like a success and relax at the end of the evening.

Too many entrepreneurs get stressed out when they aren’t working, but that’s just not healthy.

As long as you’re hitting these checkpoints, you can take a breather, feeling confident that you are headed in the right direction.

The beautiful part of this is that each of these goals are connected to each other, but are broken down into manageable chunks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or like your goals are out of reach.

When you reach your daily goals, you know those are helping you to reach your weekly goals, which fall in line with your monthly goals, which ensure you will reach your one-year goals, which feeds into the 5 and 10 year goals, which finally, helps you to achieve everything you have ever wanted in your life.

Do things always go exactly as planned? Of course not and for all of you perfectionists 🙂  you DID NOT fail if you have to change the plan! But using this “Power of 3 Theory” I can assure you that you will be more productive and more in-tune with your life goals as they relate to your work today.

Pass the champagne!



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