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Sometimes life can be super overwhelming.

You wonder how on earth you are ever going to get out of the situation you’re in.

It can feel dire and down right impossible, and you wonder if there’s any hope at all.

I’m here to offer you a “magic wand” per say so that you can can become empowered to become the fairy godmother of any and every area of your life!

Let’s use the example of MONEY, but this will work the same with relationships, personal happiness, self worth, career, etc…

Step 1. Count your blessings. .

Let’s say you’re in debt to the point of overwhelm and you have a negative balance in your account – the numbers make you want to put the covers over your head and give up. You are BROKE, but not broken.

Make a list of things you recently received and start to keep track of them.

Did you receive a free coffee, a break on one of your bills, someone dropped off a gift, you found an extra $20 in a coat pocket, there’s an unused gift card in your wallet.

Step 2. Ask yourself: how do I want to feel in this area?

You know how you don’t want to feel and you know that your worried state is not actually solving any problems or changing your situation.

Write a note to yourself written in the present tense of how you want to feel in your finances.

“I’m so happy and grateful now that I feel empowered in my finances. I created a plan and I feel in control on my future.”

Step 3. Ask yourself: what resources do I already have to change this area of my life around?

Take inventory of everything that you already have working for you in this area.
What tools do you have: books on this subject, podcasts on this area, mentors in your life, a journal to help you work through it, a phone app….

You probably are surrounded by a wealth of resources and now that you’re decided (in Step 2) you will now be resourceful with what you already have.

Step 4. Ask yourself: how can I give selflessly in this area?

When you feel like you’re down and out, it’s actually the most important time to give. Ask yourself now what can I give? How can I be of service? And give any way you can!

Tune into this video where I elaborate on each of these steps 🙂


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