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This heart chakra based energy is known as a stone of successful and abundant love.

11008603_10152816354082038_2605524751110753506_nThe journey to fully realizing this goal was exhilarating!

It felt so inspired and on purpose.

On Friday June 26th at 6pm I completed my 4 weeks on Emerald Director with my product partner USANA Health Sciences.

The energy of emerald is all about the heart chakra LOVE, which is quite fitting that this is also the day that LOVE WON BIG TIME and gay marriage was legalized in every state in the US! Love wins every time!

Lead with love!

For the past month I committed to be my best and to bring my best every single moment and to everyone I was working with.

This something I always hope to do, but the last month showed me just what’s possible when you live, love and build your business from a place of service.

Miracle after miracle!

It was a constant celebration of my team reaching new heights and breaking down personal barriers!

My focus was on helping others grow and realize their wellness and business goals.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.
Napoleon Hill

All of the personal and leadership skills I have gained over the past 7 years working with USANA prepared me to reach this milestone.

And since every thing is energy, I connected to Spirit to guide me through. I asked for guidance and took inspired action, over and over!

No matter what your faith is, when you partner with a force bigger then yourself it feels so much lighter, easier, on purpose and inspired.

Trust + enthusiasm + inspired action = Big leaps in business

This beautiful accomplishment is not just mine though and I didn’t do it alone.

This was a family effort and a team effort!


My husband, Mike Realba is such a rockstar husband, cheering me on, supporting me, sending me his energy, taking care of our home and being such an incredible hands on, love on daddy! With Mike’s love and support I become fiercely unstoppable!

This milestone is something we did together. It may be my face out there, but he’s the man behind the scenes that keeps me going strong!


FullSizeRenderMike had emerald green balloons and an emerald necklace waiting for me when I crossed the finish line! (heart melted)

Men reading this take note, support the women in your life, because when you do they will be become ever more powerful and what they can build with this strength will astound you!

151091_455899751709_2938039_nA great big shout out to my mom,  who was my very first business partner and always my biggest fan!

She made me snacks, drummed up some business and helped me support the team!

And to my dad, who gave me my entrepreneurial spirit, permission to dream big and to think outside the box.

I’m truly grateful for what USANA has given our family in health and freedom to Iive our lives fully together.

Love you guys!

11217955_10153505440564124_6629875662837526164_nMy boys. Because they are my driving force.


My everything.

They bring me balance, fill me with love and make every day such joy.

Every single effort that I give our business allows us to enjoy life to the fullest now and it will outlive me, benefiting my generations to come!

TIMG_6244hank you Curtis and Marcus for inspiring me every day to be the best mom and woman I can be.

I am so proud to be your mom!

Build your legacy, not just a business and create something that will outlast you!

10940493_10152509679812038_5611430516015769425_nMy Nana was the sweetest too, always there to cheer me on, feed me, help out with the boys and she’s was also one of my first customers.

She loves her USANA products and she’s the most energetic great grandma, we’re so lucky to have her!

Most recently she came with me and Marcus to Halifax to work with my team there.

So grateful we created those memories!

On that trip, she said “Christa I’m so proud of you, not just for your success, but for the person you have grown to be.” These words will forever be etched in my heart, there’s nothing more rewarding or affirming then making my Nana proud.

That time 4 generations were at the USANA International Convention in Salt Lake City! Nana, Mom, Me and Marcus
That time 4 generations were at the USANA International Convention in Salt Lake City! Nana, Mom, Me and Marcus

IMG_5544In divine timing, our team was so blessed to attend an intimate training on emotional intelligence to show up with confidence and grace in business, thank you Jen Groover for teaching us and bringing your energy to our team!





1510795_10151823454357038_772059781_nOf course I can’t forget to thank the woman who seen my potential and took me under wing, Leanne Jacobs. I am forever grateful for setting me up on this path. You vision of helping hundreds of people become truly financially independent and free is coming to realization. Thank you for every late night phone call, every “urgent” call, and for being such a faithful friend and mentor. From the bottom of my heart thank you for getting the young, broke, petite fashionista started! Love you!

And now on to my seriously mind blowing team!!!!!

It was so moving to see my team invested in helping me realize my vision.

Thank you for trusting in me and inspiring me daily!

Shout outs to every customer and business partner who has been a part of my journey!

IMG_3081To all the hot babes of Luscious Life Design! The leadership of Stephanie Packer, Lindsay Umlah, Gorete Almeida and Carmel Mansfield.

luscious life design members

11057782_10152797720592038_61639797281405335_nWith special mention to…

The beautiful yogis of Namaste Yoga Centre

Some incredible business partners Acacia Salon & Spa, Brass Vixens, and Jules Wellness

IMG_5303The leadership of every I worked with this month; Stacey Trottier Mousseau, Renee Janisse Ashley Palitti, Kelly Marentette, Kelly Paquette, Jessica DeThomasis, Lauren Drouillard, Jaime Farfan, Jessie Schwab, Wendi Suzann, Janice Mullins, Lisa Jackson, Rina Antinucci, Celeste Hamilton, Hannah Leadley, Emily Sawyer, Dianna Jerry and Andrea Saeid.

And for the leadership and generous energy of my entire team and entire USANA family! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you.

At the “office” with Jessica and Lauren
Just a few of the beautiful new additions to our tribe!
We know how to have fun!
Celebrating my 7 year USANAnniversary



Jaclyn Shaw and all of the make it happen mommas of MOMspired you beauties are showing moms everywhere what’s possible!



11168385_10153400744221079_8647182043470923065_nAndre Gordon and the unstoppable power of Mega Powers Intercontinental.





My long time parter Shelly Boudah! Thank you for always seeing my potential, for challenging me, for being honest and for being on this crazy amazing journey of growing our legacies together. You are a true friend and the best business partner a girl could ever hope for!


Not only could I not have done this alone, but this also not just my success.

Here’s what we created over the last 4 weeks together…

Everyone who showed up in their businesses, set their intentions and took inspired action were part of this growth!

We worked together to support 71 team members up level their personal income.

We worked together to set up 42 people with their freedom business model!

We worked together to educate and set up 188 new customers with the worlds top rated supplements for cellular nutrition!

HUGE CONGRATS TO EVERYONE who reached their goals over the past month and took their business to new heights!

The best is yet to come and I’m just getting warmed up!

Check out the USANA Average Income Chart here, to see what it means financially to become an Emerald Director.



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