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The mission of Muse of the Week is to be inspired and empowered by fabulous and fierce artists who’s music enhances our confidence and connects us to the limitless power within ourselves.

This week, we’ll be strutting our stuff in life and biz with our girl Janelle Monáe

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5 Reasons Janelle Monáe is our Muse of the Week:

  1. Her style is more then a fashion statement: She’s famously known for rocking suits to pay homage to her family, who were part of the working class.
  2. She’s a natural born leader: She has recognized the fact that she’s a natural born leader, and she respects her responsibility to lead by example.
  3. She stays true to who she is: Janelle won’t compromise her self-worth, and that is truly a remarkable trait, especially for someone in the music industry these days.
  4. Your kids will love her too. Who doesn’t love a family dance party? Janelle’s music will get you grooving and you don’t have to censor it. And for your little one’s, here’s her Sesame Street episode.
  5. She’s a wild feminist and we love it! Janelle is really for the people! “I wanted to focus on creating a new 21st century woman, someone who is not defined by her skin color or hair texture but by what she does for the community.”


Fun fact: Our first Muse of the Week, Prince loved her sophomore album 2013’s The Electric Lady, made her a favorite of Prince’s. In fact, he liked her so much that the enigmatic singer has even come out to perform with Janelle before.


You can tell she loves him as much as we do!

To get you moving turn up the volume and dance with us to Electric Lady!


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