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I hope you’re feeling great, feeling in the flow, and feel like everything is going your way.

Some weeks start off better then others, some weeks things seem to be going your way and well… other times it’s harder. But, each and every new day and every new moment offers you the beautiful gift of starting fresh, of gaining a new perspective and to change your state.

Here are a few great ways to go from feeling blah to ahmazing:

  • Move your body in any way that feels good, just get up and move.
  • Get outside in nature.
  • Write down 10 things that you are TRULY grateful for at that moment.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Drink a great big glass of water with lemon.
  • Sip on a peppermint tea.
  • Take your vitamins.
  • Try my 5 minute guided meditation.
  • Totally unplug and have a nap.

Remember, you’re in charge of how you feel and don’t feel bad for how you feel, don’t judge how you feel – that only makes it worse. Instead, put your hair up, lipstick on and shake it off!

Living a healthy holistic lifestyle involves taking care of all of you. WHOListic – all of you – mind, body, spirit.

This is a journey that no gimmick or trend will solve. It’s about creating lasting lifestyle changes that take care of all of you.

The Love Your Bod squad lives by this philosophy and while the title may lead you to think we’re all about the body, that’s just the perks – the toned booty perks 😉 In reality this program encompasses true self care. And I’m just in love with living this lifestyle.

As you continue on your wellness goals it’s great to be inspired by others, so I thought let’s gain inspiration from a down to earth celeb like Carrie Underwood.


Here are a few reasons she’s inspired me big time!

  • SHE’S A GLOWING VEGAN While being vegan doesn’t automatically equal healthy, Carrie makes sure to choose wisely when it comes to what she eats. The longtime vegetarian went vegan last year, cutting dairy from her diet. When it comes to the kinds of foods she eats, the singer is all about making healthy choices — for her, it’s a lifestyle and not a diet. She stays away from foods high in sugar and also steers clear of making her meals too carb-heavy. Instead she sticks to fresh veggies, beans, and vegan-friendly meat alternatives like soy sausage.




I’d love to hear how she inspires you!

Have a beautiful week everyone, living on purpose with passion and taking massive daily inspired action!







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