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The mission of Muse of the Week is be inspired and empowered by fabulous and fierce artists who’s music enhances our confidence and connects us to the limitless power within ourselves.

This week, we’ll be strutting our stuff in life and biz with our girl Beyoncé!

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5 Reasons Beyoncé is our Muse of the Week:

  1. She overcame struggles with Depression: Beyoncé suffered from depression for two years, but kept it hidden as it was around the time that Destiny’s Child won their Grammy.
  2. Her Entrepreneurial Spirit Started Early As a kid, Beyoncé would charge her parents’ friends $5 each to watch her perform.
  3. This song she performed when she served as ambassador for the 2012 World Humanitarian Day. So powerful, worth listening to regularly for true inspiration in making a difference and leaving your mark.
  4. She breaks records. Her 2013 surprise visual album broke an iTunes record that was previously held by Justin Timberlake.
  5. GIRL POWER Beyoncé’s live band is a 10-piece, all-woman ensemble she formed in 2006 called The Suga Mamas. Watch this 🙂

What is your fave Beyoncé song to feel unstoppable?


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