Where do you want to be 1 year from now and beyond?

What if you make this next year one that catapults you forward in personal growth, financial growth and totally transforms your health too!

Meet my tribe Luscious Life Design 

We offer an exclusive mentorship program and community support with our partner USANA Health Sciences.

We are a global tribe of holistic entrepreneurs who are dedicated to uplifting lives.


To create a world where optimal health, deep happiness, soulful wealth and positive relationships are the norm.

THRIVING on all levels is our birthright – and we will not settle for anything less.
We are change makers, adventure seekers, risk takers, trailblazers, dreamers & doers and we believe FREEDOM is accessible to everyone; as long as you’re willing to step into your power + boldly go after your heart’s desires.

We’re committed to living a freedom filled lifestyle by eliminating excuses, taking inspired action + teaching you how to follow suit. {Because we’re all deeply deserving of living rich and designing a luscious life we love}.

Our tribe lifts each other up, we share our vulnerabilities, we bust through limiting beliefs and we make sh*t happen – together.

We have big dreams, bold goals, wild ambitions, and massive hearts and we invite you to join us to help elevate the lives of everyone we meet.

Our mandate is to educate others on holistic nutrition to fuel and support a successful, abundant life.

We share the tools and provide the resources to live in a state of personal freedom.

We encourage you to break free of your comfort zone and live a bold, luscious life.

To build vibrant health and happiness, you must focus inward and nourish yourself on an emotional and physical level.

By properly nourishing your body, and by ditching self limiting beliefs, we believe you can then experience a state of personal freedom and enlightenment.

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Purchase Your Customized USANA
Start-Up Package

This package is fully customized to your needs and instantly activates your USANA business, which in turns gains you access to our private LLD forum and high-level mentorship. You will receive our carefully crafted 14 Week LLD Game Plan (which has proven to accelerate our business partners right from the start), cross-promotion, access to our global network and SO much more (at no additional cost).


& Earning!

Upon registration, you’ll immediately receive your own business ID# with login info, website, LLD Game Plan, plus a strategy call from one of our Luscious Life Leaders to get you off on the right foot.


lets-collaborateYou’ve got wild ideas, relentless drive & motivation, and a gorgeous message to share.
We’ve got the perfect platform + plug-n-play system to execute it all and accelerate your growth.

Let’s join forces and make magic unfold.

What a business partnership with Luscious Life Design looks like

  • You’re a yogi, life coach, nutritionist, visionary, change-maker, new mama, corporate mogul…whatever your background, your desire to tap into something larger than yourself is immense and you’re ready to let loose. You’ve watched the Luscious Life Design Ambassador Overview video and understand what residual income and leverage can do for you. Plus being partnered with a rock-solid company such as USANA Health Sciences means you’ve got some pretty powerful force backing you up. Win win.
  • You purchase your LLD start-up package, fully equipped with world-class nutritional products to boost your energy, nourish your cells, and make you radiate + all the training and resources you need to run a successful wellness empire.
  • You tap into our award winning business training, while behind the scenes start developing a positive health testimonial by using and loving our favourite products. You’ll be welcomed with open arms to our private forum where you’ll start networking with wellness entrepreneurs from all over the globe.
  • By the time you’ve completed your online business training, you’re now fully amped up to start sharing our fabulous nutritional products with friends, family, and clients – we’ll show you how to do this in a way that works best for you {don’t worry, none of us are ‘salespeople’}. We simply share the things we know and trust will make a large impact on the health of our loved ones.
  • From here, the sky is quite literally the limit! You’ll have multiple mentors guiding you along the way, you’ll become the healthiest you’ve ever been, your leadership and personal development skills will skyrocket, and your bank account will most certainly thank you.

Receive the ambassador overview

Britt Michaelian“Christa is one of the smartest, most driven and caring women I have ever worked with. She is full of sage advice while remaining open,flexible and creative which are essential qualities for women seeking flow in their lives.”
Britt Michaelian



Stephanie Packer“Christa has a powerful gift of igniting a spark from deep within your core to go after anything you’ve ever desired. No matter where you’re at on your journey, Christa will always meet you half way with vibrant energy and will lead you gracefully to unlock your bigger vision. Ready to elevate your life on every level? She’s your girl!”
Stephanie Packer



Leanne Jacobs“Christa is a bright light of greatness and love! She has the rare gift that enables her to mentor not only on what it takes to bring your being into beautiful grace, alignment and optimal health but also to mentor you to be a business rockstar!

She is a master at what she does!”
Leanne Jacobs



Tia Thomas“Being given the opportunity to work with Christa has been such a blessing. She’s helped me develop into the business woman that I am today, and I’m forever grateful.”
Tia Thomas



Heather Chauvin“Christa is one of those rare gems who walks her talk when it comes to hustle and flow. Since partnering with her I’ve discovered how to not only take care of myself and my three kids, but also run a successful online coaching business while taking extremely great care of my health. She’s a master at helping other women let go of the struggle and thrive.”
Heather Chauvin

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