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How To Plan Business and Life Accordingly

IMG_6012The world we live in holds more than what we just hear, see and feel. It holds more than what we can imagine. From the very place circumstances of life unfold there is a vast amount of energy. Energy is neither negative nor positive, it just is. There are different energetic shifts throughout the year that change within the entire universe. Knowing when these shifts are happening, being aware of the energy, learning to control the energy around you through these shifts can be enough power to change situations and outcomes.

Depending on the energy you currently hold, the universal energy, and other energies being projected onto you will have either a more positive (high vibrating) or a more negative (low vibrating) affect not only on your life but situations within your life if you allow it. Each Universal shift holds different energies for different things. What I call the “Light Shift” holds higher vibrating energies for sharing more compassion, happiness, love and support for one another. It will help you grow or pick up lessons more quickly and effortlessly. The energy surrounding things will shift in your favour. This is when it is a good time to make changes in your life or in your career because the energy will support you in it. During what I call the “Dark Shift” there is a lower vibrating energy surrounding everyone and is more intense leaving people to feel on edge, agitated, emotional or insecure. You may find people around you are not their “normal self”. Acting out of anger, or letting fear rule their decisions is also common. Once people allow the lower vibrating energy into their energy fields(Aura) they themselves start to operate at a lower vibration. Once you are at a lower vibration it will inturn attract lower vibrations leaving people in a vicious cycle. Which is why it is so important to try to stay at a higher vibration and be aware of these shifts.

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Personal Life

Things in your personal life to focus on during a Light Shift are:

  • Make time to grow
  • Put yourself out there
  • Meet new people
  • Face one of your fears (for personal growth)
  • Be around family and friends (to strengthen connections)
  • Try new things
  • Make changes in your life
  • Let go of what was and embrace the new

Things in your personal life to focus on during a Dark Shift are:

  • Make time to rest
  • Self reflection
  • Clearing your energy
  • Clearing the energy in your space
  • Retreat into your own space
  • Focus on strengthening your connections with the self
  • Manifest the things you want
  • Time for healing

Business Life
Things in your business life to focus on during a Light Shift are;

  • Make changes that will benefit your business
  • Try different means of advertising
  • Use of promotions or deals to bring in more clientele
  • Expand your company
  • Consider hiring more staff
  • Signing contracts

Things in your business life to focus on during a Dark Shift are;

  • Be aware of your own energy while at work and interacting with others
  • Clear the energy surrounding your business or work area
  • Stay put and don’t make major advancements
  • Manifest and make plans for the future
  • Focus and strengthen what you already have
  • Read over contracts more carefully and take your time
  • Be aware of everyones intentions during business ventures

Universal Energy Shifts for 2016

December 2015 -Light Shift
March 2016 -Half Light/ Half Dark (some ride light, some ride dark)
June 2016 -Light Shift
September 2016 -Dark Shift
December 2016 -Light Shift

Not only does the Universe have these energetic shifts 4 – 5 times throughout the year that change every year, there is also something called Mercury Retrograde. This has to do with the planet Mercury orbiting between the Sun and the Earth. These cycles occur around 4 times a year, last 6 weeks in length and have different phases of intensity throughout the cycle.

All the planets in our solar system are responsible to look over different things within our daily lives here on Earth. According to astrology the planet Mercury is in charge of all types of communication such as listening, reading, negotiating, speaking and even things such as selling, and buying. Mercury is also responsible for important documents like contracts or agreements, term papers, a lease on a building or a house and even a will.

During Mercury Retrograde it’s best not to make any important decisions or sign any major contracts. Things like written or verbal agreements or even simple conversations between family and friends can be misinterpreted. It seems that nothing is settled for sure while Mercury is in retrograde so it’s best to be patient, aware and wait for the right time.

There is plenty of information on this topic that you can research online, including the retrograde calendar for the year so I won’t go into too much detail, but knowing when these cycles are going to happen, how to plan your life and your business around these shifs can be very beneficial. Be smart when planning things for your future, know when the energy will be supportive to help you grow in your personal life or in your business. Try to be aware of the energy surrounding you, the energy in others and know when to walk away from lower vibrating energies. Make a concious decision to stay vibrating higher and you will be set to soar!

This post is written by Channing Young


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