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Christa RealbaI remember battling with this internal struggle of questioning every thought that came into my head. I suffered so much during this time. I learned the most on this topic from the late Wayne Dyer. I had the privilege to speak to him on the phone one day where he challenged me to build my intuitive muscle little by little, he said start to listen and trust with little things, like taking a different way home, or calling a friend when I thought of it. By following his simple guidance I was able to feel more confident and less anxious. Here’s more on his advice here.

I also had lengthy talks with my friend Gabby Bernstein during this soul searching time and with her I learned that I can tune in to my intuition in my body, in my heart and my fear/ego was so much in my head. Out of my head and into my heart was the answer.

I now know the difference between my intuition and fear, but sometimes I’m still tested and when I am I just take a few mins to meditate and listen, without judging or controlling the answer.

Enjoy this post written just for you from one of my spiritual guides and dear friends Channing Young.

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Intuition vs. Fear

Intuition vs. Fear

In this life it is very important to learn the difference between Intuition and Fear. Once you understand and are able to distinguish between the both of them, you will begin to make better choices in your life. Not only serving your purpose on this earth, finding your chosen path and succeeding at it, you will also be able to recognize what in life drives your fear.

The dictionary defines Intuition as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. When describing it I think about what happens in my body and my brain when I have a moment of intuition.

Below I have listed signs to look for the next time you are questioning if you had a moment of intuition.

Signs of Intuition:

  • Stems from clarity in the third eye chakra
  • Holds no emotion
  • Strong knowingness or gut feeling
  • Will feel very supported and comfortable in the thought
  • Holds a very light feeling

Something else to think of when we are discussing intuition is something the Guides have always told me. Now because of the line of work I am in – Channeling People’s Spirit Guides, they say that intuition is a tool that was given to us to have a better connection with them. This is one way the Guides are able to get messages through to us, ways they try to steer us, almost like a direct line to them and the Guides will never steer you wrong. Finding ways to strengthen intuition and listening to it can be life changing.

970478_521561174564094_204115924_n-620x372Ways of Strengthening Intuition:

  • Getting enough sleep each night
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Grounding yourself (being connected)
  • Talking to your Guides and Angels
  • Asking for signs or direction
  • Being open to receiving

The dictionary defines fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. When I think about what happens when I allow fear to rule over me or my decisions, I look again at the signs going off in my body.

Signs of Fear:

  • Stems from weakness in the root chakra
  • Does not stem from a self centering place (feeling balanced)
  • Emotionally based
  • Linked to past experiences
  • Surrounded by heaviness, darkness, and negativity
  • Self limiting

I mentioned at the beginning of this article about being able to recognize what drives your fear. When you know what drives it, you can start to build towards working through your fears.

I know for most reading that last sentence it may have sounded unpleasant. Most of us want to steer clear of our fears but facing them and working through them is one of the biggest accomplishments we as human beings can achieve. We no longer limit ourselves, we no longer stop ourselves from growing and we in turn become stronger.

Ways of Overcoming Fears:

  • Become aware of exactly what you are fearful of
  • Stop imagination from running with it
  • Cut the emotion driving it
  • Change self talk about it (Be positive)
  • Call on Guides and Angels for support and strength
  • Put it in front of you
  • Conquer

When you are no longer driven by fear you become driven by strength, courage and passion. Passion for life, passion for your purpose, passion to build and passion to grow. After that you will notice life comes with no limits. So build on your intuition and use it as the direct line to your Guides. Listen to your intuition and watch how quickly life becomes much more clear, easier and simple. You truly can live the life you want, with the help from your biggest support system, that being your Guides.

Written by Channing Young


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