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Health Wealth Consciousness Retreat


Join us for a transformational day in nature to unlock your potential and release everything that has been limiting you in every way.

Health, Wealth & Consciousness Retreat is presented by leaders in the holistic healing community.

Heather Nodello – Truthful Healings

Health and Consciousness- Spirituality for balancing Life

  • Principles to live by – Reiki, emotional awareness
  • Increasing personal frequencies and tuning into Home Frequency
  • Active Meditations and tuning Frequencies – tuning forks, instruments
  • Tools to bring balance during shifting energy – EFT, Automatic Writing and more


Christa Realba

Unlocking total abundance in your health and wealth

  • The need for movement and supplements
  • Holistic lifestyle and diet (have various levels for people)
  • Creating Abundance in all areas
  • Making your dream life attainable
  • Soulful Sunday yoga chakra clearing yoga class


Heather Chauvin

Wealth and Consciousness – Getting rid of the BS and living the live you secretly desire.

  • Importance of conscious living and cleaning.
  • Refining your ‘roles’ in life and dropping the guilt.
  • How to live with confidence and never second guess your decisions.
  • A new approach on overcoming anger, anxiety, overwhelm and disease.
  • Become the master of your ‘monkey mind’ and learn to lead from integrity and authenticity.




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