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10361564_781852488535014_7086917955839709966_nA good quality fish oil supplement can help you reclaim your radiance inside and out!

Here are some of the potential benefits a good quality fish oil supplement:

1. Helps to improve digestion. Digestion is everything!

2. Balances mood swings and decreases depression. I take extra this time of year.

3. Helps give you healthy, shiny, and strong hair and nails. My friend messaged me just weeks after I’ve been taking it. She seen a picture of me on FB and asked what I was doing differently!

4. Say hello to a youthful glow! There’s nothing more gorgeous!

5. Improves joint health and reduces stiffness. Combined with a join support supplement it’s a wicked combo!

6. Improves memory and cognitive function. Whenever I’m speaking I take an extra dose right before my talk, I think it’s become my good luck charm

7. Improves the function of your immune system.

My fish oil of choice is BiOmega from USANA, because I can trust the quality and because it doesn’t have a fishy taste!

Here’s why I chose this brand.

You can order through my distributor account here and save 20% off of retail by selecting “Preferred Customer”

Learn more from the Holistic Health Coaches of Luscious Life Design and in this great article.

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