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Be THAT Girl


I’ve recently been watching GIRL BOSS on Netflix and it’s coming just at the right time in my life and biz. It’s loosely based on the story of Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal, which started as an ebay store and grew to an empire worth over 200 million. While her character is a little bit […] Read more…

The Secret to Succeeding – Anticipating Failure!

Christa Realba speaking at Sweet Retreat

That may seem like one wacky paradox, but it isn’t. This is the secret sauce to seeing your vision through. I recently started running, right now I’m confidently rocking 5K, but I remember the first time I attempted to run the the full distance… It was a mental mind game the whole time, but I knew […] Read more…

10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media

Christa Realba

Happy Monday! “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” Wayne Dyer I’m up early getting ready for our live B21 event at the University of Windsor campus, where every week I teach the business principles of the 21st century. 2017 for me is all about empowering others to create lives […] Read more…

How to Create a Comment Pod for Instagram


I first heard about Instagram pods from Amanda Greenthumb, one of the super savvy boss gals of Luscious Life Design. Of course we all jumped in because our tribe lives by this motto: A rising tide lifts all boats. So where did the name Comment Pod come from? Maybe it’s inspired from nature… A pod is […] Read more…

11 Easy Ways to Attract Abundance into Your Life


  If you’re reading this post and you REALLY need to attract cash into your life I’m so happy you’re here! And if you’re reading this post and you’re sitting pretty comfy right now with no urgent money concerns, then now is the perfect time to put these tips into action. When we are lacking […] Read more…

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