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I just finished interviewing Alisa Vitti for the Healthy Moms Healthy Babies webinar and she rocked my world!

Watch the recording here!

Here are the moments that turned me on, hit home and stuck with me!

  • “Get into observation with your symptoms” —– Just because it’s normal to have bad pms, it doesn’t mean it has to be your normal.
  • “You can eat your way out of postpartum depression.” —– Sounds yummy to me!
  • “Get rid of hormonal problems for life” —– Ok!
  • “Get your body working for you, not against you!” —— So you can be in your power!
  • “I want to see women get healthy so that they can actually become change agents in their world!” —–CHANGE AGENTS! My new favourite phrase!
  • “Do it not at the expense of your body but in partnership with your body.” —– You can be super woman and have it all, but your health doesn’t have to suffer. You need to be in your power, your health to rock your life!


BUY HER BOOK and get intimate with your body! Get into your power! And become a change agent in your world!

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