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Here are 7 Take Action Challenges to take to increase revenue, improve your brand, grow your and get more organized!

These tasks are simple, straight forward and can be done in 15mins – 1 hour


Challenge #1

Set up your MailChimp account (or the equivalent)

Don’t worry about becoming an expert, just create a list for now. MailChimp has tutorials and customer service available.

Think of something you can give away for free (a report, an eBook, a video etc)

Add an opt in box to your blog or even your FB business page.

By doing this you’re telling the Universe that you are ready for an email mailing list of hundreds of thousands of people!


Challenge #2

Go through your Facebook newsfeed and reach out to 2 new people (or way more)  per day!

This reach out should only take 2 minutes per person. Keep it fun and personal.

Reach out to make a genuine connection and see where it can go, see how you can help them.

Build relationships and your brand will grow.

Challenge #3

Promote your business through related blogs

Thanks to Passionfruit you can easily promote your business and support some really incredible bloggers.

PF is incredibly affordable and allows you to create ads and marketing campaigns to reach your targeted audience in a really authentic and interactive way.

Set your budget and find a few bloggers to help spread the word about what you have to offer!


Challenge #4

Your Rate card 

Create a personal rate card for the multi talented person that you are, so that when opportunities come up to get paid, you are ready and know what to charge!

There are many trades that you are an expert in or that people ask for your advice on.

Here are some examples and ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • If you have a really strong following on social media then would you do a post to your network for a product/service or event that you liked? What could you charge? Ex: Social Media shout out reaching _____ of followers = $50
  • If you can create graphics or cover images for FB pages easily what could you charge? Ex: Create a funky FB cover image for you = $25
  • Are you great at proof reading and editing? Ex: I’ll proof read and edit your Ebook under 100 pages = $50
  • Do you have a blog? You could have a price for sponsored posts or a rate sheet for ads on the sidebar.
  • Are you a coach? What kind of power session can you offer?
  • Are you a nutritionist or healer? Can you offer mini sessions or virtual sessions?

We all have skills that people will pay for. But, they’ll only pay for them if we know what our price is!

Challenge #5

Your FB Business Page

If you have a page already:

  • Increase your LIKES on your Business Page by 100 per month
  • Improve the look, ask someone for branding help

If you don’t have a page yet:

  • Launch one!
  • Use your personal name

Challenge #6

Write a wicked bio of yourself.

Here’s a template:

_____________ is a _____________ for people who _____________.


Through her _____________, _____________ and _____________, he’s / she’s here to help you / show you / remind you / teach you / inspire you / shake up your approach to _____________ — while making it all feel like _____________.


His / her advice / insights / opinions / tips / teachings / lessons / products / stories / artwork / designs / illustrations have been featured on _____________, _____________, _____________ and _____________.


(Or! If you haven’t been featured anywhere — yet! — try incorporating a few snappy testimonials: “Her adoring fans + customers have called her “_____________” and “_____________,” and one woman called her “THE _____________ to watch in 2014.”)


And when he’s / she’s not _____________-ing, you can find him / her indulging in _____________, _____________ and the occasional _____________.


Meet _____________ + get ready to _____________ at

Template source


Challenge #7

Buy your personal domain

Everyone should own the domain of their name!

  • Go to GoDaddy or another domain company and buy your domain!
  • Even if you don’t have a website, buy it.
  • Even if your website is called something else, buy it.



Let me know below and I’ll keep em’ coming!




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