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Hi beauties!

I’m so happy to deliver you 5 sure ways to create more cash flow!!!

Make More Dough Action #1

There are multiple opportunities with AirBnB

  1. You can become a host using a spare bedroom, your whole house, or a vacation property. Maybe you travel a lot or stay at your boyfriends house, you have control over when people book. I have friends who are SUPER HOSTS who have turned on used space into weekly cash flow!
  2. You can create an account and refer others to become a host and earn travel credit.
  3. You can also share your love of travel and earn more travel credit by sharing the AirBnB link.
  4. AND…. if you have a big following you can become an affiliate!


Make More Dough Action #2

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Here is a free 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.


Make More Dough Action #3

Create and sell digital products with Sellfy

Digital products is where it’s at to share your knowledge and easily make a profit!  You have valuable knowledge that people will pay for!


Make More Dough Action #4

Clear the clutter!

This one is going to seem basic I know, but we all have so many valuable things laying around that we don’t actually value and that are just taking up space!

What if you created an inventory list of those items and sold them on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay or anything other marketplace!

Good fresh vibes in your home + an influx of cash!

Here are some great tips on this topic!


Make More Dough Action #5

I have to say I saved the best for last!

If you love wellness and want to create more then one time cash, allow me to mentor you to create residual income with my business model. I partnered with USANA Health Sciences in my twenties which allowed me to create to legacy income and freedom for my family.

I have created an multi national, multiple six figure business from home as a mom!

Everyone who signs up for a USANA partnership through me receives exclusive high level business mentorship INCLUDED!

Step 1. Get your starter kit today by enrolling as an associate for $36.95

Step 2. You will receive a phone call from me within 24 hours to learn about your goals and objectives and set up our game plan!

Step 3. Experience thriving health + begin building true residual income.

If this sounds good, but you want to learn more let’s chat! Please opt in here to receive my business overview video and then we I will follow up to set up a virtual tea date to answer your questions! Or, be like me and take the leap, sign up in Step 1 and let’s get this party started!!



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