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Hi loves!

As promised I have designed a 14 week program that is the blueprint to how I launched my multi-national, multiple 6 figure online wellness business.

10 years ago I was on the road to burn out, drowning in debt, addicted to sugar and desperately in need of a PLAN.

I craved a life of fulfillment, fun and most importantly freedom!

I have the plan and the experience to help you lay down the foundation to your successful wellness business and I’m looking to support women with drive and passion!

Here is my outline to my 14 WEEK BLUEPRINT to launch your:  onlineturn key–  part time  – international income stream that multiples year after year – that you can operate from your phone with a low start up and low monthly costs. ⠀


The 14 Week Success plan comes complete with a program guide, weekly coaching and group support.

The plan is simple and you will have ME coaching you, mentoring and encouraging you every step of the way!

And along with me you’ll gain access to my empowering team of women from around the globe who you’ll learn from and be inspired by!

This business plan is suited best for those with want to make an impact, who love to collaborate with others and who are dedicated to improving themselves.⠀

This business plan is PERFECT for busy, multi passionate people.

The business plan can be fully optimized in 10 hours a week from anywhere and on your own schedule.

This plan launched my business that I’m obsessed with to this day which has allowed me to:

  • Create financial freedom for my family.
  • Retire my husband 8 years ago when our first son was born.
  • Travel the world together.
  • Experience optimal health every day!
  • To collaborate and work with people who inspire me daily.
  • GROW into the confident, driven woman I am today.

If you’re ready to put my plan into action I’ll throw in $2000 worth of private coaching *for free* (10 sessions)

Ready for the next step?

Our chat will be on video conference to see if I’m the right mentor for you, if this business model is right for you AND we are a compatible match.

What do you have to lose? ZIP, nadda!

What do you have to gain? The plan to a lifetime of growth, limitless opportunity, abundance and thriving health! 

  1. Q: So what exactly will it look like? What will I be doing? A. The best part of my mentorship program is that I have taken the guess work out of it. Once you take the leap you will receive the full program guide that expands on the 14 Week Success Blueprint Outline.
  2. Q. I already have a brand, will I be confusing my audience? A. No way! Even though we have a plan, part of the plan is making it YOU and aligned with your brand. Personal branding for me is #1 and we will be looking for opportunities to elevate your brand in every way!
  3. Q. Do I have to SELL anything? I HATE sales! A. In my opinion traditional sales is irrelevant. No one wants to be sold to and no one wants to sell. We want recommendations from people we know/like and trust. If you already recommend anything to your friends or share products/services through social media you are already doing the work.
  4. Q. I’m worried about cost, what’s the investment? A. The initial cost is $39.95 You literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain!



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