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You’re feeling so great… it feels awesome… so natural…

Maybe you just went to yoga class, read a great book, played with children, laughed with girlfriends or are just happy to be alive enjoying the day!

And then… it may not happen instantly but you start to lose it.

Your energy begins to lower…

You start to feel tired, annoyed, a little sad or anxious…

You may not know exactly what caused it, but you do know there are a few low energy people in your life.

These people likely thrive on your positive energy and maybe without even knowing it, they take it from you.

You may actually know EXACTLY who literally sucks the life force out of you!

Worse yet… they may actually LIVE with you!

If you’re reading this blog you probably are someone who loves to lift people up, make them happy and bring some light into their world, this is great!

We want to continue to be their light, but we are going to start to take some precautions, so that we can protect our energy and not become one of the very people we’re referring to!


14 Ways to Protect Your Energy

1. Ask yourself is what you’re feeling your emotions or did you pick it up from someone. For example, if you just left the moving theatre and you saw a comedy that you enjoyed and you’re feeling depressed. It’s likely that you picked it up from someone around you. Quietly set the intention to release the emotions of someone else, take a deep breath and smile.

2. Before you fall asleep each night say a prayer to ask that your subconscious mind to be cleared of any thoughts or emotions that are not serving you and anything that you picked up from the day. This is a really powerful and simple ritual to clear and recharge for the next day.

3. Wear a crystal pendant to protect your energy and act as a buffer for any harsh energy around you. I like to wear a clear crystal pendant that I held when my son was born. I also love rose quartz, I find it very soothing and it promotes self love and compassion.

3. Chant “OM” while visualizing waves of brilliant liquid violet light pouring into your crown chakra and flushing out all impure energies through your whole body and out of your feet into the earth.

4. Tap your crown chakra with your fingers tips as you take three deep breaths. Verbally (or silently) repeat three times: “Even though I am feeling ___________ (explain the emotion you’re feeling) I deeply and completely accept myself”. Smile and release 🙂

5. Cut cords of attachment. If you think someone is draining you, imagine there’s a cord attaching them to you and cut through it with a few swift gentle karate chops underneath on your solar plexus (right below your rib cage, above your navel). And it’s done. You are detached. This is also great to do before bed.

6. Clearing the energy in your home with sage: Sage is an awesome tool that assists in reducing and eliminating unwanted energy in the home.  The trick to using sage is affirming what you want. Yes, burning it will clear whatever is there out, but you must know why you’re using it.  As I burn it, I chant or speak to the energy. I make sure to get all corners and behind doors (energy hides sometimes).

7. When dealing directly with a strong “energy vampire” Do not react, stay neutral. Do not feed their ego, no matter what they say. Do not let them bring you down to their energy level. They are not aware of this, but they are looking to pull away your energy. It’s yours, smile and distance yourself at least twenty feet.

8. Meditation is essential. Consistently giving your body permission to restore adds (happy) years to your life. You’ll also raise your frequency, strengthening your body’s natural defense mechanisms. You’ll notice less colds, emotional outbursts and more physical stamina. Meditation is for everyone, but it will look different for everyone. As long as you can be quiet and connected to you breath you are meditating. Try a guided meditation, a walking meditation, even a dancing meditation. Just you, God and your breathe.

9. Exercise: Moving the energy out in a physical way is powerful and it strengthens your defence mechanisms. When you feel good and are physically fit you are stronger against negative energy! More motivation to work on your fitness 😉

10. Baths: My FAVE! There’s nothing better than taking a nice hot bath after a long day. It certainly has its benefits: relaxing, cleansing in every way and detoxifies impurities. Sea salt baths raise your pH, detoxify your skin and raise your vibration. I recommend taking a salt bath weekly or every night like me!

11. Negative emotions such as fear frequently lodge in your emotional center at the solar plexus. Place your palm there as you keep sending loving-kindness to that area to flush stress out. For longstanding depression or anxiety, use this method daily to strengthen this center. It’s comforting and builds a sense of safety and optimism. This is why children and dogs love a good belly rub!

12. Shield yourself. A handy form of protection involves visualizing an envelope of white light around your entire body. Think of it as a shield that blocks out negativity or physical discomfort but allows what’s positive to filter in.

13. Look for positive people and situations. Call a friend who sees the good in others. Spend time with a colleague who affirms the bright side of things. Listen to hopeful people. Hear the faith they have in themselves and others. Hope is contagious and it will lift your mood. That’s why I love my dream team 🙂

14. Nature is the best energy medicine. Get outside and just be!

Keep practicing these strategies. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you’re on emotional overload. With strategies to cope, you can have quicker retorts to stressful situations, feel safer, and your sensitivities can blossom.


Here are some tools and resources to help you to become stronger and have more radiant positive energy:

Positive Energy & Emotional Freedom Package:
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